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Thread: What made you decide to start wearing adult diapers?

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    Default What made you decide to start wearing adult diapers?

    I found this site via google, when I did a google search on adult diapers. (wanting to learn more about them). I feel this site is helping me to decide if I want to start wearing adult diapers.

    What I'd like to know from you guys is how you made the decision to start wearing adult diapers?

    Thank you for all your responses.

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    Why did I start wearing adult diapers? Because I grew out of baby ones.....

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    yup pretty much the samething I wanted to wear a diaper and adults ones are the only ones that will fit.

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    The decision is likely different for each person. It may be comfort, enjoyment, or necessity. I feel for me, it was something that I evolved into. I had tried some other items as I grew up, for the feel against my body that led to something sexual. Adult diapers, for obvious size reasons, took center stage. After feeling it on me, there was no turning back. I also found it helped me from needing to get up at night at times to use the bathroom or on long drives where it really was a convenience. But ultimately it was the feeling when wearing wet, against my body, that draws me back in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymt View Post
    Why did I start wearing adult diapers? Because I grew out of baby ones.....
    This seems the most obvious response to me. I was sneaking and then later buying baby diapers even after I outgrew them and they required modification to fit at all. Once I knew of their existence and could readily obtain them, it was adult diapers all the way.

    As to the larger question of why diapers of any kind, I don't know and I don't care that much at this point. The desire plays out in some of my oldest memories, so it feels inextricably bound up in my personality. It wasn't a fully formed thing at age 3-4, but I already had the urge and learned it was strange, so it feels like the necessary elements are as old as I am.

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    For me it began as a sexual fetish. It was not long before I began the purge cycle. Eventually I decided that I had to accept this. I told my self I would accept it under one condition: it won't be only for sexual reasons. If anything I wanted to make it completely non-sexual. So I wore diapers to work and at home for a week. I never went in a diaper at work due to how hard it would be to change with out going un noticed. So i mainly wore them to work to try and make myself use to them enough so that I can wear them with out being turned on by it. I still get turned on but it fades quicker than it use too. I now wear on occasion and majority of the time I don't. I normally sleep with my plush and my pacifier.

    I had a little side sense high-school but I did not wear diapers until I moved out on my own. I still get doubt whether or not AB/DL is right for me but I do know I cant remove this from myself. I have not regressed yet but I have warn the whole outfit and done my daily chores while diapered. I love the feel of the diaper and the soft fabric of my plush. I hope to regress as soon as I get a time to regress for a whole day.

    Something very valuable that I learned from this community is that you must go slow and think about what you want. This also applies to the fact that everyone is different. What some one might find comforting another might find to be irritating. Taking things slow gives you the opportunity to get to know what is comforting to you in all this. AB/DL is supposed to be a way to escape the stress that builds up during the time your out in the real world. It was never meant to create stress.

    AB/DL can be a real help with stress either as a fetish or general regression. I look forward to getting to know you more on the forums.

    Your friend, young at heart; Pebble

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    Because I like them and I wanted to wear them again. Plus adult diapers are the only ones that fit and I don't want pull ups.

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    Well, my fascination with diapers started when I was about 5, so when I was 17 and could legally drive I first bought baby diapers. It felt devilishly naughty to drive out to a petrol station at 3am and sneak them back into the house!

    Why did I first buy adult diapers? Because I discovered that they exist! I had no idea until I was about 21 and saw them in a chemist's for the first time... just as I had a free house to myself for a few weeks...

    So, for me, I never questioned whether I wanted to wear them; I always knew I did.

    But things wax and wane... Sometimes the very idea of wearing a diaper seems crazy; at others it seems it's the only thing that will keep me sane!

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    For me it started off as a random impulse to just start wearing diapers. I didn't know or understand it, I simply acted on it and I started discovering my DL side when I was 6 years old. I would take my Sister's diapers at the time and wear them. Plastic backed Barney pampers with an infantile perfume smell to them. For some odd reason I never took my underwear off when i did this so I was essentially wearing diapers over my underwear but I digress. My earliest memories of it we're filled with a sense of safety and brought me back to a simpler time. I was abused growing up and often knocked around and beaten so my psyche is warped as is my perception of reality. I've come to accept this as time went on. When I hit puberty it became a Sexual Fetish that I couldn't fight or overcome. It's simply a part of my Persona. It was hard to accept at first but then I learned it's just another odd behavior in society that is ultimately harmless and matters little in the grand scheme of things. Come to think of it, my folks are lucky the worst thing I was into were diapers. When most other cats my age were getting Women pregnant, DUIs, fights and drugs for me it was Diapers. I certainly love a good beer every now and then though.

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