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    I'm a member of a local club.

    One of my friends there, an older guy in his late 60s, has been having treatment for bladder cancer. Last week, he had to have a biopsy, which involved having something inserted "up there", for a sample to be taken. Thankfully he got the all clear.

    He's had it done before, and it resulted in temporary IC issues.

    I was talking to him last night about how he's going, and he replied "Alright, be better if I could stop pissing myself."

    He went on to explain how the hospital sent him home in a pull-up of some kind, and he wet it twice on the way home in the taxi. Then told me how he's been struggling to make it to the loo on time, as he's getting next to no warning before it's too late. He uses a gopher (rascal) to get around, and told me how he went to the chemist and bought diapers, (didn't say what type), but then wet his pants on the way home before he could use them.

    It was an interesting conversation. There was obviously nothing sexual or AB/DL about it, just a guy being open and frank about what he's going through.

    It was hard in a way. I so much wanted to ask a few questions, and talk about different nappies, but didn't want to display too much of an interest about it.

    "Don't worry mate. Your not the only one who needs them. If there wasn't others who used 'em then they wouldn't make 'em!" Was the best I could come up with.

    The good part is that he has dealt with it before, and knows it is a temporary thing that will heal. It was just a bit strange to hear a conversation started by someone else discussing a "taboo" subject that holds such an interest for me, and to be discussed so openly as well.

    It's funny how I sometimes daydream about having a diaper themed conversation with someone, and when it finally happened, it was absolutely nothing like I had thought about, lol!

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    poor guy i hope hes ok i resently had an issue and have been in hospital 4 times im not ic but an old fellow in there with a catheter was so lovely to me and had a chat to me about his ic great company when i was scared and upset and bored hope he recovers were ever he is

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    I'm in the hospital for neurological issues atm (can't walk) and I joke about it all the time. I'm not completely incontinent, I have a slow leak with an occasional burst but I do get an urge (about once or twice a day) that I can hold long enough to get to a toilet. They wanted to get some urine out of me and I told them if they'd like some they could go in the trash and squeeze it out of one of my diapers. I've joked quite a bit, I think it shocks them that somebody my age (31) would actually not be so ashamed about it. And I have absolutely no attachment to diapers whatsoever.

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