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Thread: Where do you buy your diapers?

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    Default Where do you buy your diapers?

    Where do you buy your adult diapers? Is there a particular store you prefer to get them at or do you buy them over the internet? If the internet, what website do you prefer to use?

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    I buy online only unless I'm getting some Boots Stay Dry slips.I use these websites‎‎.

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    Adult diapers in pharmacies and medical stores, baby diapers in various places, but never on the internet (except one time when I ordered a free sample of DryNites). I usually buy in small quantities (two to five), so I can hide them easily in my backpack. I'm way to paranoid to buy over the internet.

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    I usually get mine from thrift stores or pharmacies. I would love to order online though when i get the chance.

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    asda for drynites yes there open 24/7 so day or night i can go used to go at night but now i dont care if i see someone i know (hasnt happend thank the nine) ill just say im geting them for a friend as shes ill and needs them for her kids
    buy my abena from the abena site online

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    I usually get my Depend from, reasonable price and shipping time. One case every four weeks or so. Keeps me fully diapered in ok diapers, although I'd like to be able to afford better ones.

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    I buy from cheapchux or a medical store. I use depend real fit for daytime and at night I use ATN or Tena ultra stretch

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    Default they have abena, molicare, dry24/7 and attends I think.

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