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Thread: Early Bird or Night Owl?

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    Default Early Bird or Night Owl?

    Are you a morning or a night person?

    Me, I'm more of a night person.

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    Definitely an early bird. If I stay up past 11PM I very quickly go downhill and start to die. Doesn't matter how much sleep I had the night before its just impossible to stay up. I have no problems with waking up naturally between 4 and 5AM every morning though. And I like it that way. I can be up, get stuff done at home, and then go out with the full day to do whatever I need to do.

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    i tend towards the night, but possibly more as form of being pushed by circumstance.
    being synaesthetic, 'light' always equated to noise for me, so i've always preferred the dark. my senses are also better suited to night. but the real 'biggy' is my refusal to be a slave to machines (be it mechanicky or society) and i'll smash anything that tries to wake me when i'm not ready.

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    I'm a night person I LOVE the dark I feel most comfortable in it.

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    Early. I have a hard time staying asleep past 6am no matter what I did the day before. I can stay up late if I need to, but I still wake up early. Not always happy about it either.

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    Night owl. I usually go to bed sometime around the midnight hour, wake up for the final time around 10-10:30, and spend some time online and just hanging in bed until I finally get up.

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    Owl. Which is a pity, because I have to get up early in the morning, either because of work or university. Although on vacation, if I'm not traveling, it's a matter of two-three days when I automaticly change my schedule and start staying up all night.

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    This is actually part of my area of expertise. So, here comes the science bit.

    Morning or evening preferences are referred to as your Chronotype and the study of physiological effect is referred to as Chronobiology.

    There is a validated Diagnostic Questionnaire called the "Morningness / Eveningness Questionnaire" -

    For reference I score 74. I'm an extreme Morning Lark.

    There are pros and cons to each type. Rather obviously, morning types have little problem with the variation in length of day caused by summer and winter. The only problem is that we do tend to get up a lot earlier during the summer due to the sunrise however the sleep pattern of a morning type tends to be rather inflexible.

    Evening types on the other hand, have a very flexible sleep patterns and tend to tolerate things like shiftwork very well whereas morning types can suffer significant help damage due to doing things like shiftwork.

    Finally, as a morning type, I find the next bit to be problematic. Averaged over a population, evening types tend to be more intelligent than morning types they are also significantly more creative.

    Basic problem for you night owls, the world is run by morning types which means we get to dictate when things start and finish. Effectively, the night owls of the world are permanently working shifts as the world is usually three or four hours ahead of them. This is usually why most night owls sleep in extra at the weekend because they stay up late during week, get up early to try to keep up with the morning types and build up a sleep debt that they need to recover at the weekend.

    So, if you are a morning lark married to a night owl, give them a break when they do not get out of bed on a Saturday!

    For those interested. look up the work of Timothy Monk and Simon Folkard.


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