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    Hello to all I just turned 18 as you can tell. It has been a long while since I was last active. I told myself over a year isn't that long of a wait and I would be back soon enough and now here I am. I have learned quite a lot about myself in that time frame. Like accepting myself for who I am. I learned it makes no sense to not be yourself and not let society shape you but you shape yourself. But I guess since a lot of you don't know me or forgot about me so I should re-introduce myself.

    I'm 18 (obviously) and I'm into diapers (which is why I'm here...) and I uh like cute things. I recently discovered I was bi (I guess that's interesting) I'm into sports mostly running I suck at basketball :/ psychology and anything regarding the mind is a very big interest to me. So I look forward to becoming a psychiatrist but if that doesn't quite work out I will be going into buisness. I watch quite a bit of anime mostly the psychological thriller genre (I bet that was pretty obvious :p) and I game from time to time.

    I don't normally open easily to people unless I have known them for awhile. So please talk to me I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of you on here

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    Hey I remember you. although we've never officially talked I'm glad to see you back. I actually missed your comments. I missed having you around.

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    so, I am new since you had your enforced leave of absence from the forums. That said, welcome from another DL/LG.

    I have quite an interest in psychology also (as opposed to psychiatry). My own personal area of interest is human error which is part of the literature of normal psychology. Feel free to message me if you want have a chat.


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    Welcome, and I'm glad you returned. I'm still here, doing my thing.

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