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Thread: How to tell my parents to let me wear diapers?

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    Default How to tell my parents to let me wear diapers?

    I am physically disabled and have to use a electric wheelchair for the rest of my life until they find a cure for my disease, the disease that i have makes is so my muscle starts to waste away where i become weaker and weaker, I have it where i do not produce a type of gene called dystrophin, which is a type of protein that everyone usually has that helps to make muscle, which i do not have. I was wondering how i would tell my parents to let me wear diapers to make it easy on me so i don't have to use the toilet and because i like the feeling of diapers and want to get them changed by someone. I don't know how they would feel if i told them that i would like to wear diapers to make it more easy on me and because it would be quicker for me to use a diaper to go to the bathroom, than having to take the time to use the bathroom on a toilet. If you can help me, that would be great, because i don't know what to say or do?

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    To be honest,

    just talk to your parents... usually I am an advocate of NOT including your parents in such stuff... but I guess your situation is a tad different here.
    I'd say, just be open and have a talk with them.
    About them changing you though - that is where it gets "tricky" in my opinion and personally would see it as an issue in you "case".
    For a few different reasons: increased work load, intimacy, hygiene, etc... basically you ask them to do a not so pleasant task, that basically is NOT NECESSARY (yet).
    And that is important - if you'd have no other choice, it would be of course a totally different topic. But as you seem to have an option (using the toilet) then you'll burden someone else (your parents) to get this done none the less.

    But again, I'd say there could be a chance for compromises... maybe you can (don't know how your mobility / strength would work for that) change yourself? or assist in the changing in some way? maybe "only" use the diapers for peeing - or use them only when you can't make it to the toilet?
    basically try not to overburden your parents who probably already care a lot for you I guess.

    And the best approach would be honesty.
    Just be mature and ask for what you want, explain as best you can and see where this will go.

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    Honesty is the best course of action in this case. But let me offer one word of advise.

    Be careful how you approach this situation.
    while honesty is an important part of the situation. This may not be an easy task. while your situation is slightly different from others, the core itself is the same as people who have asked this question before. you must be careful of everything you do or how you phrase it can affect you later on in the near future. Don't simply blurt it all out at once but gently talk it out. simply put.

    think before you act.

    sorry if this sounded a bit harsh i just don't want to see someone have badluck because they rushed into things they might later regret.

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    When I told my mother (refused to tell my dad), she was actually pretty understanding about it. Though she admitted that my bedwetting days were probably a catalyst. My dad never knew, so I took my diaper secret to his grave. If he didn't have a clue then, he knows now.

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