About two months ago i woke up and i had wet the bed this was very scary for me because i had not wet the bed in almost a year as i could remember i had to go when i laid down to go to sleep and i had not wanted to get up i don't know why i did not get up and go i guess i was just to tired to care but anyway when i woke up i quickly jumped up was in a daze changed my clothes threw a towel over the wet spot on my bed as i woke up that day i cleaned my whole half of my room changed the sheets and my mind went to me needing diapers again i had not worn in over a half of a year witch was because i started a small online business that day i sat in my chair worrying if this was going to be a thing again because i was already 21 and still wetting the bed but fortunately it was a one time thing now my AB Dl side is rearinge its head into my life again i don't find it imposing but i live with my family and share a room with my brother still and if they do not know already if they found out they would be laughing at me and making fun of me so now i have this felling of like i am bottling up but i wear to bed and wear out sometimes any suggestions i really need help has anyone had the same issues