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Thread: Night Proofs Diapers

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    Default Night Proofs Diapers

    I've looked all around here for some evidence that anyone has posted about these before, but can't find any.

    Night Proofs diapers, available from, claim to hold over 100 ounces. I called them today and learned that they're for night use only, since they're just too thick to be practical under street clothes.

    They have a "cloth" outer cover and "Velcro" tabs and no standing leak guards, but the capacity claims are outrageous enough to match the price, which comes out to nearly $40 for 15 diapers, including shipping.

    They're impractical and I can't imagine why any incontinent person would ever want these . . . and I must try them.

    Anyone had any experience with these?


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    32 bucks for 15 of them? That may seem on par with Bambino but when it comes to shipping Bambino includes it. While not unreasonable, it is quite high when you include shipping (link). Aside from that they do seem very interesting and I would like to try sometime.

    In other comments the Better Business Bureau has indicated that this is a legit site.

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    No standing leak guards makes these a no deal for me, personally. Too bad they don't sell samples.

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    Cloth-like out cover is a deal-breaker for me. I won't be buying these or supporting this company.

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    That and I'm 99% sure that the "typical brief" that they are showing in the size comparison are actually Attends Breathable Briefs, which means that these Night Proofs aren't even as thick as an Abena M4, which is by no means "too thick to be practical under street clothes. " since Abena M4 are my 24/7 diaper and they are perfectly fine under street clothes.

    Abena M4 generally look twice as thick as ABBs when stacked next to each other, and I'm used to this sight since I use the crappy ABBs as my "only going to wear for an hour or so until I get in the shower etcetera" diaper since they're cheap so no remorse tossing one without using it.

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    thx for ther reminder, pika. I noticed this on their webste:

    They say "vs typical diaper". Those blue diapers on the right are not typical diapers. Those are breeyo/assure. thinnest diaper commercially available. That alone makes me lose any faith in claims made on that website. Five of theirs are as thich as six of the thinnest available, says a lot.

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    their advertised in AARP magazines First Street medical is the only place you can buy them

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    They're terrible. Trust me. I bought some a while back. Search again. I think I even posted pictures. It's a rebranded Italian diaper. Big time ripoff.

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