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Thread: Does Anyone Else Feel This Way?

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    Hey all. I'm just curious if any one else feels like I do sometimes. When buying diapers, I'll buy a pack for around $20, use maybe 3-4, feel bad about myself, and I end up tossing them all, wasting a lot of money. I've done this several times. The reason I feel bad about it is because, even though I can't do anything about it, I get the feeling that "this isn't normal, and I shouldn't be doing this," and then I toss them all out. Thanks!

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    I read this is pretty common. I don't feel this way, because I accept it and make it part of my "secret garden".
    What you do for you is only for you to judge and enjoy, as long as it does not get imposed on others.

    Next time, try to keep them for the next urge to wear. Planning a good hiding spot if you live with your parents is required.

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    Maybe what you should do instead of tossing them out. Toss them in a Bin until you get the urge again.

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    I did when I first started. It's very common to feel that way. Feeling secure enough to realize that (a) the urge WILL come back and (b) THAT's OKAY takes time and realizing that you're not alone.

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    I did used to feel that way but even back then is was too frugal to let a pack of diapers go to waste

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    This is called the binge/purge cycle, and is very common among AB/DLs who are struggling with acceptance. We have quite a few articles on ADISC about it that are very informative and tell you the psychological reasons that you go through this cycle and explain it in more detail.
    The only real solution to this, in my opinion, is acceptance of yourself and your AB/DL side. You have to realize that there really is nothing wrong with what you're doing. It's an amazing stress reliever, taps into a more emotional side that others lack, and lets you see the world through a whole new set of eyes. It is not hurting you or anyone else in any way. Sure, some people who are more close minded might see it as a bit strange, but why should that matter to you? You are who you are, and trying to push all the AB/DL stuff away will only result in even more feelings of guilt, and a hole in your wallet.

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    Thank you all! So I guess this'll blow over eventually.

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