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Thread: An Awkward Sensation

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    Default An Awkward Sensation

    I've thought about making this thread a few times, and well.....

    So I'm an Adult Baby/Little who experiences what I believe is an authentic kind of regression (details for another thread) The thing is, while I feel I have accepted myself this way, and have embraced my little self really well, there is something which still makes me feel quite stupid and ashamed.

    Whenever I come across adults who have intellectual disabilities causing them to have the mental age of a small child, I feel really confronted by my own situation ... I feel somehow like a rediculous fraud, embarrassed and ashamed that I would willingly allow myself to behave that way, and reality I know that when I do, I am responding to a very real personal need, something I have learnt I cannot ignore.

    Why does this make me feel so ashamed of myself.? Have others experienced this awkward sensation.

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    Only every day. If you find anything that helps, let me know.

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    I wonder if it has to do with feeling bad for them, and then relating to them, and feeling bad for yourself (even though you accept and like yourself). Or it could be that you wish you could be like that in some ways (get to be childish around others), but know that they are not in the best of positions.

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    The thing is you have to realize that you're not doing anything "wrong" or "ridiculous." It's a part of who you are, and if you enjoy it, and it isn't harming anyone, then why should you feel ashamed? I don't know about you guys, but being an AB/DL is a HUGE part of my life. I used to be ashamed as well, but then I realized that this is what makes me happy, this is what I love to do. It has lead me to accept and love myself more than I ever thought I could, and it has actually opened doors up and given me confidence about the future. It's a great thing to have.
    I hope all of you guys can accept yourselves one day like I have accepted myself. It truly makes a world of difference in how you view everything.

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    I actually ran into this sort of situation spot on. I was told about a woman who made a page saying that by me role playing that it was making fun of her son who had a mental disability. I think it was autism if I remember right. She was saying how although he's 15 he's still in diapers and more or less a 2 year old. And how he will always be at this mental age and how I am making fun of him by choosing to behave like a baby even though I am able to be and act like a adult. Thing is, we don't act like children because we are disabled and can't help our behavior. We role play because we find joy in the little things of being a child. Role playing is not disresepctful to those with a mental disorder. In fact if anything, it's respect for the life of a child. We respect the innocence of just being a kid having fun, being cared for and protected. I think that's a better way to think of it, a being respecful of early childhood experiences.

    -Baby Stanley

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    I think that perhaps it is an empathy thing. While their situation does reflect a significant part of who I am, I do realise and appreciate the fact that I am not trapped in that one state. I have the freedom to return to my adult life, obviously, much of which I do enjoy.

    Freedom is a peculiar concept....perhaps I look at these people and at some level envy their natural expression(even though it is not their choosing). And feel ashamed of that feeling. I guess I wish sometimes I had the freedom to be m little self. They on the other hand, are not free at all, they are truly trapped....though I guess, at least I hope, they are blissfully unaware.

    One thing for sure, I would never ridicule them or stand by watching others do that.

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    I don't feel bad about it.

    I understand that there are others who struggle with disabilities, and I genuinely sympathise with them.

    But when I regress, I'm doing that for me, not for them. It's something that brings me pleasure, something that I (personally anyway) only do in private moments in my own home. I don't do it in front of others, to mock or belittle others, and wouldn't stand for anyone else doing so either. It's just something harmless that I like to do that shouldn't affect anybody else.

    I think in some ways modern society has swung around so much that these days we are almost too empathetic. It's like we can't say, act, or do so much just in case somebody somewhere may be offended. Where do we draw the line?

    For example, I have tattoos. I love them all, and have chosen to get them. Does this mean that on some level I am being disrespectful to people that were tattooed against their will, say in concentration camps or as slaves?

    If you respect others, then they too should respect your choices, providing it doesn't infringe upon anyone else's well being.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

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    .....dificult i sometimes think that the people on here who are IC could feel annoyed at us diaper lovers we choose to be diapered the long run it doesn't harm some sence it helps look at it this way us diaper lovers can connect and relate to them more than someone who doesn't wear diapers at all yes we dont "have to " be diapered but we also dont judge or find it gross....we enjoy it and we converse with ic people as normal folk like ourselves... in some ways i envy ic people as they have a valid excuse and im just a silly boy who like to wear them for the feeling he he so the biggest respect to all the beautiful people who have to wear who choose to wear and who love to wear xxxxxxx

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    I like soggyboy's answer. That woman was just hating. For people such as myself, we are compelled to wear diapers and regress. I didn't ask to be this way anymore than her son asked to be severely autistic. I would have told her to go to hell.

    I try not to think about those who may be developmentally challenged in relation to my desire to regress. In addition to that group of people, there are those who are genuinely incontinent. We have many on this site, and when I respond to threads, I often think of them. I try to be respectful of their sensibilities and feelings. We all share something that does not fit into the normal boxes contrived by society. That doesn't make us better or worse, just different.

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    Ozbub, I know the feeling you describe. I used to do some volunteer work at a nursing home, and experienced the same feelings about myself (shame, fraud) when I saw adults with genuine disabilities, incontinent, and not very happy about it. I particularly remember feeling repulsed by the faint smell of urine and BM that you get as soon as I walked into the building. And to think that I get some pleasure doing those same things in my own diaper. Yeah, I felt pretty ashamed. Can't say that I have an answer to that, or any profound insights. Just to say that, 'yes' it is comforting for me to wear diapers and use them when I want, and 'yes' it still bothers me when I see people with real disability who might not think very highly of my little fetish - if they had the capacity. I guess we are all just people, making our way in this world the best way we know how.

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