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Thread: Any ideas on how to modify a disposable diaper

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    Default Any ideas on how to modify a disposable diaper

    I would like to modify a disposable diaper that allows the wearer to use it as intended, but with the added "feature" to allow physical relations with their partner. For me as a DL, I love the feeling of being padded and taking it to the next level sexually, usually on my own. My wife, who is not always in alignment with my DL side, really wants little to do with my fetish. But we do have a good sexual relationship, just not with diapers (unless she is unable herself and then will help me when padded). Now if I could wear and as the mood strikes, be able to easily accommodate my wife without the need to take off what I might be wearing, that would be amazing. Perhaps a flap of some kind with an access hole. Not sure how this would hold up or if even possible, but my mind is thinking of the possibilities. Any thoughts out there?

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    I could access that sight so I am not sure what he did. From what I can tell from the comments, it was done to a wet pull up, which is not my thing. I am really looking for a solution that I could use on an unused diaper and have the ability to transition without removing.

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    yeah I stumbled on that a long time ago but he somehow emptied the SAP And put stuffing for a stuffed animal in there so it probably isn't what you want then.

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