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Thread: Elite Dangerous and Oculus Rift

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    Default Elite Dangerous and Oculus Rift

    Well I been playing Elite dangerous and I hope to buy Oculus Rift when all the bugs are out. But to understand how big Elite Dangerous will be in space you will be dealing with 400,000,000,000 stars and yes that 11 zeros.

    This is a little info from the The New Yoker Talking about the Galaxy

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    I think that will be in beta in the end of the month. Right now it Prem. Beta.

    Things I like are the different ships. Everything from the

    Small combat ships

    Mid range ships multi role ship

    Trading ships

    Large Combat ship Multi role

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    Elite was already high on my list to get, and already looks fabulous... now I'll definitely need a Rift, there's no way I'm investing in this one without this game changing hardware. I expect it will be absurdly amazing with the second version Rift (1080p , lighter etc)

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    Well What type of playing would you do in Elite. I going to be a Explorer.

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    New video show up Beta release on the July 29 2014

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    I think I would be with you Lestat. I like the idea for exploring the galaxy.

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    Found this video of the maker of Elite Dangerous talk about what you can do and types of ships.

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    Every video I watch and article I read on this game makes me want it more and more... now that Beta is about 100 bucks cheaper than Alpha, I might indulge.

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    Well Hobbes if you decide to fly in Elite let me know I help as much as I can. I think the current price for beta is $75. Look in the store.

    I have a strange setup. Dual flight stick which work very well. Classic Saitek 52x and Saitek St290 pro. Working on Adding the G13 game pad.

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