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    I've often wondered if anybody has any stories from their childhood about being wet on Christmas morning?

    I ask this for a few reasons.

    As a childhood bed wetter, I would often wear a nappy to bed, or else training pants with plastic panties. I would change my own trainers, but if I was wearing a nappy, would leave it on until I had a shower in the morning. Usually would get showered straight away, but of course on Christmas Day there are other more important things to do first! The shower would wait until the presents were opened, and I would stay diapered a lot longer than usual.

    In Australia, Christmas is in summer, and as you drive around the suburbs, there are kids running around their yards everywhere playing with their new toys, and still wearing their pyjamas, so I'm sure I'm not the only one who delayed getting dressed. My kids are usually still being told to get dressed by late morning, but they don't wet!

    Also, the excitement of the presents does lead to delaying the toilet breaks as long as possible until everything has been thoroughly checked out.

    I only recall 1 minor incident myself. I would've been 8 years old, and had wet my nappy, although not heavily overnight.

    I got a pogo stick from Santa, and was soon outside trying it out. Now I didn't usually wear pyjama bottoms around the house, just the top and my exposed nappy or trainers. But because I was going outside to play, I put the bottoms on as well. I must've been up for a few hours by now, and hadn't used the bathroom.

    I was happily bouncing away and ignoring my need to go, when I nearly fell backwards. I managed to plant my feet in time, but wet myself in the process. I didn't leak, the nappy was already wet anyway, so I didn't say anything.

    It was probably an hour later that mum made me come in for a shower. If she noticed my nappy was wetter or heavier than usual, she didn't comment on it.

    Anyone else get wet or stay wet at Christmas when you were a kid? And if so, what happened?

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    I remember a couple times growing up that I would wear a diaper longer than usual. As I was also a bed wetter I do remember being diapered Christmas morning and also on Easter and a couple other random times, however I do not remember if I wet though!

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I'd about given up on this thread!

    I thought I wouldn't have been the only one to keep their nappy on longer than usual on those special days!

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    I remember one time that wasn't during Christmas time... I was a bed wetter until first grade and I was probably still in preschool at this time (maybe 3-4). Anyway, I was going to work with my dad and when he woke me up he gave me the option to either change out of my wet pull up or just go with him and not worry about it. I went with him without changing and we were in the line at the bank and I had to go to the bathroom. He didn't want to get out of line and told me to just use the pull up. I can't remember if I did or not but I do remember I really didn't want to. I assume I did end up using it but I really don't remember. Besides that I don't really have any memories of wearing a diaper/using it during any holidays.

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    Sadly no such luck ... Oh I wet the bed alright, and will have had many wet Chrissy mornings.... But only ever the threat of a nappy WTF.... I think mum thought that the unpleasant experience of a wet bed would help me grow out of it .... Nah huh! Just years of pulling beds apart...baths and dragging everything to the laundry .... Even on Christmas morning. Idk why she just didn't go with pull-ups she did call me lazy lots. (Disclaimer...she does love me lol)

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    I don't ever remember waking up on Christmas morning in a diaper as a kid. However, the last 3 Christmas mornings I have woken up in a diaper and worn it while my wife and I opened our presents to each other.

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