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Thread: How do you choose a diaper brand?

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    Default How do you choose a diaper brand?

    I'm new to the idea of wearing adult diapers and I need some advice on how to pick which brand or make of adult diapers to get.

    I appreciate any tips on the selection process.

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    Really need a little more info on what your looking for in a diaper. Then can make some recommendations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oleman72 View Post
    Really need a little more info on what your looking for in a diaper. Then can make some recommendations.
    What information do you need?

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    I just tried different brands for a while, then I settled on Prevail.

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    The big question is it for IC or for DL/AB. Or both...Over the counter adult diapers are Grandma like, but get the job done. AB Universe Diapers, Bambinos, Good Nites, ect are more for enjoyment....

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    I use in the USA Depends , pull-ups and molicare because i buy locally without shipping costs I prefer others but they cost most more with shipping!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pulluplover View Post
    The big question is it for IC or for DL/AB. Or both...
    While I don't have IC nor DL/AB, I feel I may have a fetish. If I did have them, I do plan to use them. I'd prefer a brand with a heavy hold...

    I say this as it pertains to the post so that I get the correct information, I'm a male.

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    Start with your personal preference…do you think you'd want a plastic backed diaper or a cloth backed diaper.

    If you go plastic backed, you're probably going to find mostly diapers with babyish prints on them, and the occasional medical diaper that hasn't switched over yet. If you go cloth backed, it'll be the other way around.

    Personally, I would say decide if you want plastic or cloth backing, and then pick something that you think is pleasing to the eye. That's how I started. From there, you just play around with what you like and don't like until you find something that you feel is perfect for you. It's really a trial and error thing.

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    Personally, I think the only way to really know what diaper you like the best is by trying different kinds. You could try buying some sample packs from different places or you could go slower and buy a pack at a time and try them out. I like buying packs verses sample packs because you really can't tell if you like them or not unless you really can test them out over numerous times. You should look at,, and maybe and read about the different diapers and what there best strengths are. I personally like Abenas M4 the best because they fit really well, the tapes hold well, they are super absorbent, and the design is alright. Other ones you might want to check out are Tena Slip Maxis, Bambino Bellissimos, and maybe Tranquility. Those are more on the premium side, there are also some good diapers that are cheaper and not as super absorbent but still good quality. These would be Attends (I like the Breathable extra absorbent, they are clothe backed but still good) and maybe even First Quality.

    Good luck finding something you like.

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    As a general rule i would say pick something that has 2000ml or greater absorbency. also consider cost per pant.
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