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Thread: Told my girlfriend.... :/ :) help??

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    Default Told my girlfriend.... :/ :) help??

    Hello guys, I am new here. I am 20 years old, and me and my girlfriend have been together for a year. I told her about my fetish a couple months ago, and she was very understanding about it which was cool. She has let me wear during sex before and didnt seem to mind so I think shes okay with that.

    I asked her about wearing once just to try it and basically she looked uncomfortable and said " Well we will be together a long time so its a possibility. " and when I asked her about putting me in a diaper to accommodate my AB side she seemed weirded out and said " I dont know, ill think about it.." I guess I just feel like its not a crazy amount to ask im not asking her to wet or wear one or anything? Just to put me in one? From here on should I bring it back up or drop it completely?

    I love her but as those of you who are AB know, that is a side that, if left unfulfilled, can make you miserable. On top of that. Her awkwardness about it when I asked that brings about lots of shame and regret that I even told her.. idk if I can go my entire life without ever trying my fantasy of being babied? Can anyone relate?

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    This is a really difficult subject area. There is a big difference between allowing you to indulge and her actively participating. Others with more experience will chip in here but, do not feel guilty about having brought it up. It is better that she knows them to find out some way down the line. You do however have to think about where you stand if she wants nothing to do with this in the long term. It may be that she is quite happy for you to continue solo but will never want to participate.

    There are some ABDL couples out there but they are exceedingly rare. Most people who are ABDL do not have aa fully supportive partner. Most of us counted lucky if you have someone willing to tolerate. I have neither.

    All I have to say is that I wish you luck with this.


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    Don't throw too many things at her at one time. Think about it from her point of view. Even if she didn't seem overwhelmed from you wearing, it doesn't mean it didn't take her outside her comfort zone. As for having her diaper you, you should definitely wait on that. Women like men, not little boys, and so when you ask her to diaper you, it may turn her off, and that's completely understandable. Don't look to just satisfy yourself if it's going to take the fun out of it for her. Look to make it fun for both of you, because how rotten would it be if you ended up sacrificing your relationship in pursuit of a fetish? It can be tough to be patient and keep subtle about something you're passionate about, but always remember you have to put her first.

    If I were you, I'd completely stop for at least a couple months. Wait for the right time to get back into it again when she's in the right mood, and maybe she will try wearing them. That's really where you should have started it - by having her wear first. It puts the focus more on her, since it is her being introduced to your 'world', right? It's kind of like if I showed you how much I love bike-riding, and then take you on a trip where I'm riding my bike all over the place while you just stand there and watch - you're not exactly going to be ecstatic about the next trip. Putting the emphasis on her and doing everything in your power to make it a fun experience will be your best bet at it catching on.

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    I like the OP's conversation. He brought up the idea, the girlfriend was hesitant, and he didn't push the issue any further, but came to ask for some advice instead. I'd definitely suggest keeping the diapers for their own time and enjoying your girlfriend when you have time with her. Do fun stuff together, etc. etc.

    If she hasn't mentioned anything about the requests you made after several weeks, you can bring it up again as something you're still interested in and ask her what she thinks.

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    Your 20 and I assume your gf is in the same genre...

    That being 20 your experience and acceptance level is at about nill...

    Not trying to be an asshole...I was in the same case as are just about 20 I thought I knew much more than I did...and that's just how it works...

    So, given time I'm sure you and your gf if you stay together will explore this area as its already on the radar...and at my now 42years know of no woman that will try to hold something like this back...they may not want to wear but 99% will allow it...and most will participate...especially if there is something they desire...relationships are a two way street...and there is always some differences...

    Keep your head up, it won't last forever, bring it up again later...

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    Thanks for the response guys. With that being said that I should bring it up later, is it a big deal if I wear them to bed (which she has said she doesn't mind) or wear them during sex (she also said this was alright) ? We live together so wearing them to sleep is a must fo me. Thank you all for your responses and support.

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    after seven years of marriage and hiding it i told my wife we are still best friends but divorced because of it!! Its o nice to hear people that accept you for who you are but i would be carefull pushing and hope after time she enjoys it !!!

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    i have input...and questions go easy on her id be happy that she accepted it in the first place but coming on too strong and been pushy doesn't do well in any situation just let her get used to it and accept it more dont push it let her want too insted make her feel like shes the only woman in the world make her feel loved and special and eventualy she will want to make you feel as good focus on your relationship and intimacy first let the rest come with time an patience or you might push her away

    question how can you have sex with a diaper on?? he he xx

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