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Thread: Comficare M10/L10 plastic backing

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    Default Comficare M10/L10 plastic backing

    Got some of the Comficares the other day, and I really don't like the plastic backing, feels very rough to the touch, and it has lost it's rustle factor for me!

    When these first came out, they were the best thing since sliced bread, but now they have changed the backing to a new film, and it feels horrible, don't get me wrong they still absorb a great deal, but for me the fun factor has gone!

    Anyone else feel the same?

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    I just got a new batch last week. They seem fine to me but then I tend to put plastic pants over the top.


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    I also have a new batch, haven't tried those yet cause I still have some of the old ones left. Gotta try the new ones today and see if something's changed.

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    I'm not that impressed with their performance.
    I bought them initially because they claimed to be able to hold a lot aka. dry 24/7 - well they didn't, actually they are not even up to a Molicare Super Plus in capacity....

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    I never tryed the old version i am in love with the new version i just need to know is there anywhere that they ship to the Us because the shipped on these are crazy 60 dollar shipping for a case of 30

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    That doesn't sound good at all. I am supposed to get my order this week.

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    Norcal57 Don't worry they are still a top nappy, and you will love em!!! I'm just being picky as after trying the old style the new backing feels rough, I can't quite describe it, just not the nice smooth crinkly plastic you used to get, I love a nappy with a good rustle, just let's me know I'm wearing one!

    Apart from that they are still in my eyes the best absorbing nappy out there in Europe.

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    I got the new comficare L10 last month (June 2014). they are less noisy, but the absorb the same amount as before. I was at a festival on the weekend. It did not have to change for 6 hours, though it was pretty humid and cool outside (low 70ies).

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    The plastic is thicker, and I actually prefer this. Feels much more nostalgic for me. Older baby diapers of the 80s and 90s used thick plastic. Additionally, there's plenty of crinkling from the plastic taping to announce my whereabouts to anyone listening.

    It holds up well to more than one dose of pee. For me, this is a first infact. Perhaps this is due to having a rather large bladder, but prior to this, only bambinos and cloth diapers had been able to hold more than a single wetting from me. This was never very practical. So I'm quite pleased to be able to pee before I sleep, and then pee when I wake up without worrying about leaks.

    I find the tapes solid and durable, and the diaper's core extremely comfortable. Like enshrouding one's butt in a pillow. Up until recently I bought and wore tenas exclusively. They were unique in their comfort and in my opinion were the closest one could get to a traditional baby diaper in terms of feel. Yes they were thin, but for their thickness they held a large amount, and doubled up nothing could beat them.

    With comficare, I've found an enjoyable but slightly expensive replacement.

    PS: These diapers are obviously being produced by the same manufacturer as Bambino, ABU and Fabine. You would have thought that there'd be more than one manufacturer capable of producing ABDL quality diapers? But nope.

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    My order finally arrived today. It took forever, but I they are great. Very much like the Bambino Bianco, but they have a yellow wetness indicator (I do not like). The plastic front is almost identical to the Bambino only it has a few symbols and such on it. It is very similar in thickness and absorption. The tapes are positioned a little different, but not a bad thing. The tapes seem to be a little more reliable than the Bambinos, but it may be too early to tell. Definitely deserves a 9.5.

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