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Thread: Anyone here have Xbox Live?

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    Default Anyone here have Xbox Live?

    I recently did a clean out of my friends list and it would be nice to get in touch with a crew of fellow ABDLs. I'm usually not online weekdays but have alittle time on weekends. If anyone is interested, let's exchange Gamertags

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    I rarely play my xbox these days but if you'd like to add me, shoot me a Private Message.

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    I have Xbox live just pm me and I will give it to you always looking for new people to game with

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    Have xbl yes.... use it often? No. I hold gold status for only three reasons. Netflix, video chat, and occasional LAN party's. Other than that I'm primarily a pc gamer, and as far as consoles go I have more friends I play with on psn we got a whole group of ABDL's to play gta online with total of about 7 or 8 of us total.

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