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Thread: My story (quite quick)

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    Default My story (quite quick)

    So my name is Sam and I live in the south of England.

    I started wearing disposable nappies when I was 13 ish, I used to hide them under my bed standard!
    I got caught a few times buy my mum and to start with she just threw them away, after a few times she finally asked. I just said I don't know why I just do and she was stunned obviously so sent me to the doctors. I don't remember what he said because I didn't listen!

    Kept it to myself for years until I met an old female friend, we hit it off but as soon as I knew I had been friend zoned I plucked up the courage to tell her about it and I saw my opening when she asked me to stay round.....
    I just said I need to wear them at night and sometimes in the day. She was a tad shocked to begin with but now doesn't even bat an eyelid when I see her with my nappy hanging out! It feels amazing to be free around her!

    Next I met my current girlfriend of 3 years, I decided to tell her almost straight away because I really like her and didn't want to ruin it 2 years down the line when I spring it on her.

    The way I told her was strange tbh firstly I bought some and said they where really good for soaking up the water in the footwell of my car lol! (Because it was leaking)

    Next I told her I had a dream about wearing one and thought I might try it, she just laughed but I did and just made up some bullshiz I thought they were mega comfy and started wearing a lot more

    A year and a bit later I told here I didn't dream it and just always have liked them!

    So that's pretty much my story!

    Any questions?
    it feels good to project on here!

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    hi and it's nice to meet you let me be the first to officially(other than moo) welcome you to adisc. you'll have fun here. so what do youlike to do besides wear diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tai View Post
    hi and it's nice to meet you let me be the first to officially(other than moo) welcome you to adisc. you'll have fun here. so what do youlike to do besides wear diapers.
    I like fast cars, motorbikes, basketball and my beloved xbox!

    Thanks for the welcome!

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    Welcome from Scotland!

    I think that you will find the site really helpful. I do not know where I was without it!


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    Welcome to ADISC. Gosh you sound like a cool guy and you're three years ahead of me (my given age is genuine)! Still with that girlfriend if you don't mind me asking? It's just always so inspiring that some of us can be excepted by a life-person (if you will!) who's so important! Also favourite nappy? Again sorry if I'm asking too many questions - my e-mouth is as big as my normal one and hard to keep a handle on so *yikes*. Welcome again. bringmesunshine

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    Yes I am still with her!! It's really cool!

    Fav nappy was abena m4 plastic backed ones, now it's the tena slip maxi but I hear through the grape vine they are going cloth aswell..... :-(

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    Default Update forgot to add

    So between the moving in with my girl and my mum finding my nappies I moved out....

    I only rented a room fro. The lady that was divorced and quite lonely (felt bad for her really)

    I took I decided to enlighten her about my thing lol by leaving a nappy in the bathroom.....

    She confronted me about it and I was just 100% honest with her... I felt amazing however it's always easier telling someone that you don't really know

    Hence this site lol


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    What was her reaction like? Ive always wanted to tell a stranger he he big up from cornwall!! X

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