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    Hi! Just a little introduction. I'm a lady in my early 30s who is having a lot of minor neurological issues. One of these is loss of control of my bladder. I've been wearing diapers 24/7 since October and TBH it's made me feel a little down on myself for a number of reasons. While this is a site that seems more geared to the AB/DL side of things, I think it'd do me great to talk to people that may be going through this, or are very open about this matter, so maybe I can feel a little better about myself

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    To be honest myself, as far as ab/dl's go, some of us feel as though liking the feeling of wearing or being aroused by diapers strange and concerning. occasionally (or often, idk any specific statistic...) they (or, including myself, we) will feel lonely, depressed, or just plainly a freak. Though, I'm certain that this isn't what you've had in mind.

    LOOK DOWN HERE: there IS however, a more particular forum in the DL section under the title of Incontinent. I'm sorry that I likely couldn't provide any personal understanding of your situation, but I'm certain that that section of the site should have someone to identify.

    P.S. It was nice to meet you. Good luck and I hope that you feel better That and you find someone to speak with.

    EDIT: Incontinence Hope this shortcut helps!

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    Hey, thanks!

    I did see the IC board, it's the reason I joined. It's amazing the lack of community that IC people have (at least I can't find it).

    I think what troubles me the most is feeling so broken. It's not just IC, it's a number of other issues and IC just makes it worse. I can't wear things I want to wear, walking by people while wet is embarrassing to me, my love life... things like that just suck!

    I used to be so active and seemingly healthy. Now I feel like I'm not worth anything.

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    First of all, welcome to the community.
    I can relate. I lost my bladder control in 2010. I am neither an AB, nor a DL. Is perfectly okay to have those feelings of feeling broken. But remember, you aren't. You're much more than your bladder. It may not feel like it all the time, but you'll get that feeling out eventually. And people here will definitely try and help you along that path.
    Becoming comfortable and diapers is a different thing to have to get used to. But we can all do it. And I guarantee you'll appreciate the support that the people here give. I have over my three or so years here.
    So once again, welcome. Please feel free to ask for any advice, any support you need. We're always here to help.

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    I'm not IC so I cannot pretend to fully understand your issues however that folks on the IC forum will rally round you I am sure.

    Can I just ask a couple of things? Have you had the appropriate medical help? There are many medical reasons for incontinence and these should be investigated. Secondly, you have said that you feel down and broken. There is a strong connection between chronic ill-health and poor mental health. Have you had any psychological support as a result of your incontinence? Depression and anxiety is only natural given your circumstances. If you have not had any help, I would strongly urge you to seek suitable assistance. You may also find Mood Gym of assistance: This website guides you through the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy process and has certainly helped some people that I know.

    People on the incontinence forum will certainly be able to guide you and give you some strategies for coping. Meanwhile, dive into the forums on topics that you are interested in and everyone will do their very best to make you feel welcome.


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    For a while, they believed I had Multiple Sclerosis. I've had many tests, and on a brain MRI they found an 11 x 7 mm peri-ventricular "focus". They think that this "focus" is a slow-flow vascular malformation with no clear feeding or draining vessels (so it's not an AVM thankfully, and is not life-threatening), and that MS is "less likely". I'll need to have another MRI done to see if anything has changed.

    As you can imagine, IC is not the only symptom. It's about mid way up the list of worst symptoms. Things like not walking correctly, broken speech, spasticity (most common of all), cognitive issues, pain, and yes, IC (the list goes on for miles). The symptoms tend to come and go. I can be fine for weeks and all of a sudden I'm wetting myself, or I'm in pain, or a combo of things will happen that may change the next day or stick around for a week or two. This makes me to feel broken, worthless, like people think less of me if I'm stumbling and talking kinda off, or if I smell like urine.

    Otherwise I'm perfectly healthy. My blood tests are all normal, my heart is in good shape (I have to see a cardiologist because I have an extra nerve going to my heart that causes my heart rate to occasionally spike to 188). I didn't have any problems until October when all of this started happening. I've not sought mental help because I'm broke and the coverage I do have doesn't cover that.

    The people here seem really nice and helpful. Thanks for the warm welcome

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    PixiePerfect - Wow. To be quite frank, it's a wonder that you are functioning with all that going on. You are clearly quite resilient at heart.

    So, medical issues cannot be easily resolved due to financial / insurance issues. Next on the list is the mental ability to cope. Here, being a member of a support group will certainly help. I still recommend Mood gym, a good place to learn ways to cope with the unhelpful stuff that our mind is capable of throwing at us.

    As to the warm welcome, we do our best!

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    Hi Pixie from another member, but a long-term INCO person...older and wiser! LOL in time I can point you to a few places on the net that are perhaps not as heavily ab/dl influenced as this...tho I'm not one to jump at those of that persuasion as even SOME of we folks who are INCO tend to incorporate ab and dl thoughts/behaviors at times. Please note I did say SOME, not all. We are all different, of course, but you are not so different here that you won't be able to share, learn and connect with the support that all of us need, especially when true INCO first sets in. And yes, things are quite open here, as you've apparently discovered.

    It's good you found this forum of expressions. It does often go in a number of directions, but you may still pick and choose the gems that are helpful and apply common sense to sort out the riff-raff, too. Your resaoned approach to writing and thinking tends to let me believe you'll find your way well...both here and in life.

    I wish you well.


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    Andrew, being pointed in other directions would be great. I wish all of us could combine somehow Everything I've found so far has been very low use (maybe a couple posts a week), aside for a few sites.

    But that's not to say I wouldn't talk in here. I embrace "riff-raff" I may not get into the AB/DL stuff, but I'm sure you're all still great people!!!

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    understand all and I sent you privately two good links.


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