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Thread: Questions about cloth diapers Please help

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    Default Questions about cloth diapers Please help

    Hello diaper pals I have ordered a cloth diaper I need to know about them I only use disposable ones right now keep in mind they are Velcro the questions I have are simple like

    how do I wash them
    do they make noise

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    What exactly did you order? Care instructions are generally provided by the manufacturer, and they do vary. If this is an all-in-one (AIO) diaper, the cover may not be dryer-safe, although most are.

    As for noise, it really depends on the cover. Vinyl and PUL are pretty quiet, and these are the most common. PVC and some other plastics are crinkly.

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    A general rule is. Use soap but no fabric softener. Some use special soap, I just use regular stuff and it work for me.
    Check if it goes in the dryer. Most do.

    Wash BEFORE using. It will open up the padding fabric and be way more absorbant than brand new out of the box.

    Mine are not noisy, but they are builky. Only my thin "daytime" pocket diapers would pass under regular pants.

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