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Thread: New Euro Diaper at XP

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    Default New Euro Diaper at XP

    XP is now selling Super Seni Quatros. Anyone know anything about these? I'd like to know a little more before ordering. How do they compare to the other mega absorbant diapers?

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    The way I read Gary's statement on them is that he has a limited supply on hand. If they prove to be popular he may continue
    on importing them. From what I saw on the pricing they're on the expensive side. He's got them available in a pack of ten and
    a case of 60.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tungsten View Post
    XP is now selling Super Seni Quatros. Anyone know anything about these? I'd like to know a little more before ordering. How do they compare to the other mega absorbant diapers?
    Didn't try it, but I had experience with other Seni products - I'm from Poland where they're manufactured and it's a really popular brand here. Their diapers have really great quality. Quatros are a relatively new thing though, I never actually saw them in pharmacies or medical stores.

    Super Seni Quatro are more absorbent version of Super Seni Trio, which were for a long time the most absorbent diapers of this brand. Trios hold a lot, I think only Abena M4 were better than them. They're also quite bulky, so I assume Quatros will be even more.

    If you can get them at a reasonable price it's definitely worth a shot. I'm planning to buy them as well, but it has to wait till I'll use all of my Tena Flex, which are nice, but I bought way too much and now I'm out of hiding places...

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    Pff, I thought the thread I made was deleted until I just saw that it actually never submitted.

    My package of quatros are coming in next Tuesday if all goes well. Will try to do the diaper test as outlined in the articles section. Can't wait to try them--they may replace Tena slip maxis and M4s if they're good enough for me.

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    Super Seni Quadros are very comfortable and thick. They are cloth-backed but do not have the same chafey, annoying feel that regular cloth-backs have. They also don't condensate liquid though the surface, which is a plus to say the least. I religiously stay away from cloth-backed diapers, but the Seni Quadros actually aren't that bad. Definitely the best cloth-back in existence IMO, and it's the only cloth-back I offer in my webstore.

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    I bought a 10-pack to try. I'll report back on them.

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    Any updates or photos to share of the Seni Quatros? I'm interested in them and may order a bag to try.

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    I just got my order in for the mediums, just changed into one for the rest of the afternoon. It seems to have the same bulk as a tena slip maxi dry, maybe a little bit thicker. I think it will take some getting used to on how to put it on exactly right, not used to having diapers with both front and back elastic waistbands. The tapes seem similar to the cloth backed abenas. They seem to have the same fit as them as well, having thick calves makes some diapers a lot harder to get a right fit. So far it seems pretty comfy, the diaper almost disappears.

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    I'm not wow-ed by these, but they're pretty good. Despite the claims made by XP, I got some weeping through the front panel last night after a decent flooding.

    If you're the body size where you usually fall between medium and large, these aren't for you. I bumped up to large, and they're huge. By taping the bottom tape right at the legs, and sort of folding the top inwards, putting the top tapes where they'd normally go, they seem to stay up pretty well, but they sag a lot when soaked.

    One big positive, they don't clump, at least when dry. I wear, but don't use, at work, and where Tena Maxis still fall apart dry, these don't.

    They seem very absorbent, and swell up nicely, but as long as Dry 24/7 is still around, at the same price, I wouldn't order these again.

    One neat touch, the delightfully blunt European bag says right-out "adult diapers". Well, "All-in-one adult diaper", to be precise.

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