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    Hello everyone.

    I'm incredibly curious to try this. I've fantasized about wetting myself, and that's as far as I think I could go, but I think I'm finally getting the guts to make the final step and try it out.

    I wouldn't be a daily wearer, just sometimes when I'm home alone, to hang out and enjoy it and enjoy myself.

    If I'm looking for somewhat cheap diapers to buy in store, to wear no longer than 2 or so hours, what would you recommend? Is there anything I should know before putting on my first diaper? And how do you feel when you're alone and free with your diaper?

    Thanks everyone.


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    For cheap diapers.. Tranquility or Tranquility ATN(A bit thicker) will suit you well. Just don't be paranoid when you wear your first diaper. I was and people probably noticed. I feel great when alone and free with my diaper. I can go to the mall, movies, hang out with friends.. and just know that the diaper is secure and will hold my wettings.. (with Tranquility please don't mess more than three times, they WILL leak!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPony View Post
    Thank you for your response, very helpful!
    No thanks needed. We are a community here to help

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    For easily available store bought diapers try Depends Protection with Tabs. I would not recommend the pull up styles because they tend to leak if you flood them. You can also try the cheaper store styles (Walgreens, CVS etc.). They aren't too bad for a single wetting.

    If you have a medical supply store near you, you may be able to find some better quality diapers; but, they're usually a little more expensive.

    If you want more capacity with store bought diapers, you could try stuffing baby diapers inside the adult diapers. I do that a lot and I am happy with the results. Just search the forums for tutorials how to stuff diapers if you're interested.

    Since you aren't IC, when you wet, you will most likely let go of the entire contents of your full bladder in one go. That's called flooding. Be careful if you flood because that's when leaks are likely to occur. If you are standing don't sit down immediately after you go, give the diaper time to absorb and lock the fluid in.

    Last but not least, have fun!

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    I'll second. Walgreen's are better than Depend.

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    Good advice so far. All I have to say is go for it! It is cheap, harmless fun. If you can, go to sleep with a fresh, dry one on. You'll sleep like a baby!

    Please do report back. My first time was in a Depends pullup. Not much capacity and I had to be careful not to flood but they actually fit me well so I had no problems. The result? Well, to steal KimbaStarshine's tagline - Happiness is a Warm Diaper...


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    A great first step for you! Just go with it and have fun! My bit of advice lay down on the floor (not on the bed) to put it on and try to get it on as straight and tight as you can. Last of all don't be ashamed or feel bad about it after. Many of us at some point have gone through binge/purge cycles due to bad feelings after wearing the diapers. Knowing this up front helps you avoid purging all of your stuff, cause you will want it again soon.

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