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Thread: I was never good with first impressions.....

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    Default I was never good with first impressions.....

    Im new to forums so please don't yell at me if i do something wrong here.

    Hello! My name is Toothless and im a long time furry. Ive always been into all sorts of stuff. Lately ive been unsure of my sexuality and even gender. Cross-dressing has always felt right to me but obtaining the clothes is kinda difficult. I love wetting diapers and keeping them on for hours. My favorite activities are listening to all types of Music, watching random shows/movies on Netflix, and ive been a long time gamer.
    Anyway i think thats enough about me, id like to hear what all you other guys have to say.
    Also i could use some friends so please don't be shy about messaging me

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    Welcome to the forums! Your introduction was fine.

    I'd recommend you start contributing to threads that interest you. Don't be discouraged/intimidated at first, there are a lot of cool people around here and it takes time to find your place here.

    Have fun!

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    Thanks for the advice!

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    Welcome Toothless, you'll soon make some friends here. Dive in to the forums and we will soon get to know you!


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    hello toothless, welcome to the forums. youll meet a lot of people here and get good advice.

    im available for chatting with, like you im a trans going through transition so i may be able to provide some advice if you would like any.

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    Hello Silverna, Id love to chat with you and i could use some advice on how these forum things work. Im new to the whole thing.

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    Welcome to the site. We are a friendly group so you won't really make any mistakes. Foremost, we are a support group, so we will naturally be kind to you. Please feel free to join in the many discussions. I know I have a good time being on this site. I always come on late in the evening because I work an evening job and I have to help my wife get on her dialysis machine when I come home.

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    Hello again Gummy! I welcome you as you have done so for me!

    And I'm sure you'll love the forums. just just wait til you can private message! you can bug people all you want! and send friend invitations! and throw parties! well, maybe you don't need to "level up" to throw a party... but right now, I'm feeling just a teensey bit PINK!

    (ugh, and a high pitch voice is stuck in my head...)

    any way, hello again!

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    Hello again! Id like to chat with you more about gaming and whatnot.

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