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Thread: do you use a mattress cover

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    Default do you use a mattress cover

    ever used a waterproof mattress cover

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    My girl and I do. She is IC, so its really critical some nights. If you are nervous about leaking, say if you are a side sleeper like me, then its great to know its there.

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    Yes. I just recently told a story about this. Ruined my older regular mattress pad by drying it too hot after I washed it because of a diaper leak. Waterproof protector is awesome and gives me a ton of security while not being annoying or revealing in any meaningful way (unless you have guests that randomly feel down your bed...).

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    I've got a waterproof mattress cover on my bed. It's mainly there because it makes me feel little, but it's also reassuring to know that if a leak should happen (nuhuh!) then the mattress wouldn't be damaged.

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    Well up until about a year ago I wet the bed almost every night so yes its still there just in case

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    Some time ago people used to complain about poor plastic covers because they made the bed uncomfortable, especially after wetting, and were stiff and noisy etc. Now I believe things are much improved. In European 'general' hardware-and-everything-else type of stores there are expanding sections of bedware, bathroom-ware etc. I found one where good, soft but secure, fitted plastic waterproof sheets are available for various sizes of bed as 'mattress protectors'. I only bedwet as an occasional fetish, and have found these offer full protection. Padded cloth protectors are also available which could be fitted on top of the plastic sheet to absorb any wetting and make the bed more comfortable. I find a large thick towel under me is quite sufficient. Diapers DO leak, and comfortable as they are, I would not sleep easily if I feared a leak could spread to sheets and mattress without me knowing. The plastic sheeting is quickly cleaned with a quick wipe over with a wet cloth after spraying with a dash of kitchen-cleaning spray (better than bathroom spray because it leaves no odour for others to notice!)

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    Definitely YES - for a MULTITUDE of reasons.

    These days I use the best quality PUL (poly urethane laminate) type cover money can buy... and trust me, you don't feel a difference between a "regular" (not waterproof) and the ones I use.

    If I can avoid it I would NEVER use one of these Vinyl or PVC or rubber sheets... had a rubber and a vinyl one as a child / teen and HATED it.

    Why I use a protector?

    - IC Issues - whilst I RAREYL have leaks with my diapers... they do happen... and then the PUL protector works magic.
    - have you ever seen a sweat stained mattress?? yikes... I like to be able to keep that thing free of that kind of yuck.
    - sex... ruins a good mattress just a quickly if you're a bit more playful than a quickie.
    - spilling stuff (we have water bottles at the bed-side... or the occasional coffee in the morning in bed...)
    - etc.

    So to me, even if I'd not be IC / bedwetting, I still would put one on for hygiene reasons. they're easy to wash and keep the mattress very nice and clean for a long time.

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    Bed is an extremely important part of our burrow.

    Our new king bed has a pillow top mattress topped by a memory foam topper and a feather bed.

    Next comes a 2 control heated mattress pad, a Serta waterproof cover and our sheets.

    I use washable 4 chux pads on my side of the bed during the week.

    On my wife's weekend, the bottom sheet is covered with 10 over-lapped chux pad, all covered by another fitted sheet (as we tend to get quite sloggy together).

    I do love the summer! I wash a great deal of bedding and diapers and always seem to have a full clothes line.

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    yes, a waterproof mattress cover and a 35x80 washable hospital style mattress pad on top of the sheets.

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    I put a full wrap plastic cover, then a heavy mattress pad, then the sheets. The occasional leak is fully protected.

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