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Thread: ever worn a life jacket

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    Default ever worn a life jacket

    ever worn a life jacket in deep water, boating, fishing, swimming, ever needed a life jacket

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    I think I've worn one when I went water skiing, but that was a long time ago. I grew up along Barnegat Bay, N. J., and learned to swim by the time I was four or five years old. We had to have them on board our boats, but I never had to wear any of them. I was always a good swimmer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trooper23 View Post
    ever worn a life jacket in deep water, boating, fishing, swimming, ever needed a life jacket
    Aye - often (as for wearing)...
    Only once - (needed).

    Personally I quite like them to be honest... especially in water sports... you can just "float and forget" - I find it rather relaxing.
    Some of my friends hate those things though... never understood why.
    I often wear one when I'm occasionally wildwater kayaking, go sailing like twice a year or well sort of whilst diving (ok, it's inflatable and not strictly a life-jacket...)

    Needed one: wildwater kayaking... capsized really bad, got a proper "beating" underwater and was really really happy for that life-jacket to keep me from probably drowning.

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    If your a boat owner they're required for every passenger in the boat. Wearing is optional, but I recommend them in rough water.
    When I was in the Air Force I was on flight one time where we were required to wear Mae West. That was the nickname for the
    inflatable life vest. It was required when we flew over the open Pacific Ocean.

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    Wearing is optional (at least in this state) for adults, though you must have them for every passenger, plus a throwable. Children are required to wear them. I wear mine when I am alone in the boat. I'm a decent swimmer (and the lake isn't that wide) but if I end up falling out of the boat, I may be injured otherwise.

    My buddy, who doesn't swim well, puts his on like a diaper (legs through the arm holes when he wants to float around in the water.

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    Actually, in the Unites States, it's Federal Law requiring PFDs for everyone embarked and that minors much wears PFDs while the vessel is underway (46 CFR IIRC)

    I used to be in and out of PFDs several times a day: they were required for small boat operations, line handling, and any time we were over the side working.

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