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Thread: ever used a bunk bed

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    Default ever used a bunk bed

    ever used a bunk bed ....................?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trooper23 View Post
    ever used a bunk bed ....................?
    As a kid, I always thought that bunk beds were the coolest things. I liked being on top because I'd pretend it was a space ship and all sorts of things. If I was on the lower bunk, I could pretend it was a little house, or a cave and of course, a crib.

    When I worked summer camps, they had bunk beds and they were fun. I like enclosed spaces so bunk beds fulfill that desire, that and their crib like effect.

    Growing up, I didn't have a bunk bed as I was an only child, but my friends did, so I got the experience that way.

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    Yes, a few times... but I seriously HATE them.

    For a number of reasons... usually bunk beds are smaller and less comfortable than their big king-sized proper bed counterparts.
    Also I wake up every time the other person above or below moves about and the whole structure "shakes".
    Also it usually means SHARING your sleeping quarters with someone else... and that is something I DETEST (unless it is of course my lovely SO... but we sleep in a proper bed ..
    I guess from bad childhood memories (IC/bedwetting & camps... don't go well together) and the damn shared rooms and bunk beds don't make it any better...
    Also even amongst good friends who know about my issues and don't care, I personally prefer to sleep in a private room - really there are only TWO people on the planet currently I don't mind sharing a room for the night: my SO (sharing the bed & the room ) - and my sister (sharing the room - but of course not the bed )
    Probably because me and my Sis have always been close and also probably because we had to share a room at one point in the past.
    But aside from them, I never like sharing sleeping rooms. And I hate bunk beds.

    Also I hate them because of the confined space feeling I get.... the lower one is like a box... and it's bad... and the upper one usually too close to the ceiling, again making for a walled-in cramped feeling... I'm a guy who loves big, large, heigh open spaces... and not tiny rooms, cramped stuff etc. This is why my house is "loft-styled" (huge, heigh rooms, massive windows, roof-top window).
    I don't like feeling locked in.

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    Had them when I was in the military back in boot camp and first tech school. Hated them. Those cotton mattress's weren't comfy
    at all. Plus the springs sucked.

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