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    Is it possible to be daytime incontinent without being nighttime incontinent? I just wanted to know.

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    That is a great question...I have typically heard of people trying to be just the opposite. I would think if you are truly daytime incontinent you would be nighttime incontinent without a choice. It would just be.

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    I'm not ic but I can sleep through the night no problem. During the day I go about once an hour. I do drink a lot of water during the day so I think that's why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACornyJoke View Post
    Is it possible to be daytime incontinent without being nighttime incontinent? I just wanted to know.
    Short answer: yes.

    Long answer: depends on the type of IC you experience.
    For example someone with OAB (overactive bladder) does not necessarily wet the bed. Actually rarely in that case.
    Same goes for some types of urge IC... etc.
    Basically the thing, oversimplified is this:
    Being IC does not equate in having absolutely no control... Also most people during sleep produce FAR LESS urine than they would during the day (ADH - anti diuretic hormone - is responsible for this... and the lack or the inadequate amount often a cause for bedwetting - but not always)...
    Also for example with OAB whilst you often feel like "constantly" (or very very frequently) needing to go.. it can be "dulled down" abit during sleep, also it does not mean people would not WAKE UP when they feel the urge to go.
    Same with other forms of IC - basically if you're suffering from a type of IC that gives you a bit of a "warning" and not just "flows"... but you usually have not much time to reach the toilet - but you still have some control... in those cases, often at night the issue is not really that relevant and you'll just wake up.
    Now that can for some cases be bothersome on its own, like waking up 10 times a night to take a piss will really cause havoc on your sleep cycle..

    However in many cases where the cause for the IC is nerve damage, sphincter damage, etc... then there's basically not much the night "changes" (aside from less urine being produced an thus often making the issue less serious at night.

    But even if it's a day only thing - most would find a bit of a problem when they get up (stand up / sit up) as it puts pressure on the bladder after having been lying down, and you'd really have to rush it to the loo or often experience loss of urine...

    So - no, daytime IC does not necessarily mean night time bedwetting... Just as well as bedwetting on its own does not mean that you'd experience daytime control issues.
    Basically there often are VERY different causes for both these problems...
    But there are IC types where bedwetting is part of the problem.

    NOTE: This is a rather SIMPLIFIED description when it comes to IC / Bedwetting / etc...
    But I guess it's easier this way to understand.

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    I'd also like to add that sensory systems are reduced during sleep, so some of us with a neurogenic bladder may not wet at night because their brain is spending its time elsewhere and not so much on telling you that you need to pee

    Also, the bladder normally expands during sleep. Some people with neurological issues may not have a bladder that does this, which would explain their incontinence. It all really depends on your individual problem.

    And for the record I have a neurogenic bladder, and I've never had an accident at night.

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    as you say, different for everyone. neurogenic bladder here, too and I DO have wetting at night. so it goes....

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