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Thread: Diapers in suitcase question

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    Default Diapers in suitcase question

    So the wife and refer to the suitcase that stowed my ab supplies as the suitcase of shame. With her acceptance the shame has been lifted. Woot!

    We were wondering how many folks have chosen that tucked away suitcase as the holder of your stash. Specifically a suitcase, not a trunk if duffle bag or a fireproof box!

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    I have too much stuff to fit into a suitcase, but when I was first starting out the suitecase was a great place.

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    I have too much stuff too, but when family comes to stay in the house and specifically, the spare bedroom where I keep my stash, I put it all in black plastic garbage bags and store it all in the laundry room. We have to do what we have to do.

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    I use a three drawer organizer from Walmart works great I keep it in the closet of the bedroom n the door shut

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    If anybody goes through my closet, I'm so screwed. I've used bags to store them before but... yeah I might have to post pics.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I think there's a little more but you get the gist
    Whoops, this is the image
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I was able to fit most in a box before, but I found a guy on CL who was selling 6 bags of Attends with Waistband and 3 Molicare Super Plus, all large for $50...

    also pictured are the vast majority of my Thrift shopping finds, some baby diapers and pull-ups/training pants, as well as some goodnites I have held onto for years (2005 and 2007)

    I'm thinking of going to an estate sale and getting a proper chest to keep it all in.

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    LMAO...I may need to do the "basement of shame"

    I've got over 1,000 diapers of different brands plus boosters and all that other good stuff. Also about 900 underpads (an order went horribly amiss). The only stuff I separate is my FSA stuff and brands I sell (don't want to make a no-no).

    Wish I didn't have 16 y/olds wanting to hang out in the basement with my stepson...LOL. It's like wall after wall of eternal boxes...

    All the best,
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    Seeing these post made me think how much stuff I have. Whew .. 2 drws full in one bedroom chest. 2 suit cases with maybe a few I don't like or over flow. One big box in the attic. At least one or two cloths and covers in the wash or dryer most of the time. Two boxes under my desk because they get too hot in attic for now. And one big double door in a whole wall organizer in the office {next to the liquor}.Sweet LOL

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    When I first moved here I was renting a room in a house, so my stash had to be small and inconspicous. I bought a cheap suitcase from Target and kept all my stuff in there. Now I have more room to spread out, so that suitcase is used for travel. I had diapers stuffed in every little pocket, so you can believe I triple-checked it before loaning it to one of the kids for a trip!

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