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    I recently came into a large quantity (10 packs) of Goodnites, varying and age, plenty of older stuff. I have decided that I want to get a full collection of them. I think I am already halfway there. I am only interested in L-XL

    Since my recent purchase I now have:

    2006 dragsters (FAB 18/02/2007)
    2007 Soccer players (FAB 27/01/2008)
    2008 BMX "Catching Air" (FAB 24/08/2008)
    2009 Racecars (FAB 05/04/2009)
    2011 Camo and Skate (FAB 11/03/2011)

    What I think I still need:

    2003 white
    2004 bmx bicycles
    2005 atv
    2008 skate boarders
    2010 sharks and motocross
    2010 karate and motocross

    Are there any that I am forgetting? Are any of these really hard to get?
    Here is a post that provides pictures of all of these:

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    Sharks were only on the s/m. I also think you should separate white goodnites into 2 categories: trim fit and pre-trim fit. Trim fit are just white versions of the printed goodnites of the late 2000s but with 3 sizes and no gender. Pre trim fit goodnites aka cloth like look and feel are the real treasure of goodnite history

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    you're missing everything between 1994 and 2003, which is when Goodnites were the best (especially between 2000 and 2003, when the XL size was designed to fit adults).

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    I have worn goodnites and underjams

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    Like everyone has said, I think the pre-trim fit ones were before 2004. I still have several packages of the pre-trim fit ones, and have tried to not open them. There was three sizes. Medium, Large, and X-Large. The large of the older style, is almost the same size if not a little larger than the current Large / X-large. So if you can find any of the X-Large sizes, they are the real keepers. They are huge, and very thick. I've still got a few packs of the old Large style, and a few of the X-large ones.

    I've got a collection of them going as well. Not sure really why tho. Most in the collection came from buying several packages, then they'd change the style, and I'd want to buy & try out the new style.

    I don't know how hard any of them are to get. I don't go on many auction sites. I'm sure that at some point, someone will post some online to sell. You'll just have to search for them once or twice a week, to know when they do go online.

    Good luck in your searching.

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