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    Did you ever notice the "pee" in the middle of the word "diaper"? Right where it belongs.

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    I've ever noticed that, now all I will ever see, is that letter right in the middle.

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    I beg your pardon...

    Now is every word that does contain the letters "pe" related or linked to "pee" (notice the two "e" letters instead of one as in diaper).

    Also neither the pronunciation nor the word itself (diaper) is even remotely related to the word "pee".

    sorry, but you're seeing "stuff" where nothing is to be seen.

    Don't get me wrong, I can understand that you may be excited about the whole notion of diapers .... but hey, next time you do any personal stuff, or read about a petition, or do some pe (physical eduction), or think about your pension, or read something about peru, or experience pejote (don't recommend), or see pengiuns at the zoo, or peel an orange (yikes... no that does contain "pee" in the word...) - well you get the drift here I guess, it's pe everywhere.

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