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    apparently, the library has taken notice of my coming here, and have blocked adisc.

    so far they've only blocked it through http, and i can get on with https.
    if they block https, i still have other ways of getting on here, but it's annoying that they actually took the time to block it.
    the funny part is, that only the specific address "" is blocked; i can go to any other part of the site except the main page to the forums.

    anyone else ever gone through dealing with this kind of stuff?

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    If you're in a position where you'd have to use public internet or even public/shared computers often you might want to look into the following things:


    There's downs/upsides with different techs.

    What I do when I travel (or am off-site) I sign in to my company server through a VPN and then start a remote-desktop style connection to my X11 Server.

    Aside from having access to my files, tools, bookmarks, etc - it serves to keep my data private.

    Also when I'm in places that would censor the internet or otherwise filter / spy I can rest assured that it does not affect me at any rate.

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    yea, i've got a vpn through vpnreactor that gives me 30 mins of access for free, and after the times up i have to wait another hour before i can use it again.
    and i don't like proxies(haven't tried anything but the free ones though); they tend to keep certain scrips from running, and some sites just plain refuse to let you on...come to think of it, i used a proxy when i tried to make this account, and it wouldn't let me.

    i'll be moving in with my dad in about a month and i'll have internet access there, so it's not that big of a deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepyTyrant View Post
    ......come to think of it, i used a proxy when i tried to make this account, and it wouldn't let me.....
    There are members on here who are banned for using a proxy, with a note on their profile telling them to contact admin'. This site seemingly does not tolerate proxy's whatsoever.

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