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Thread: Hello Everybody! 22 years old AB/DL from Finland!

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    Default Hello Everybody! 22 years old AB/DL from Finland!

    Just a normal hard-working guy from Finland, i have been Diaper Lover almost 10 years now. First, i began to read about the related stuff and somehow it felt right. I also have some sort of sexual connection to diapers n' stuff. Hope i will find people with similar experiences and have a little chat with people in the forum! I also have a girlfriend who knows about my little fetish and she's good with it, so everything's fine for me, how about you?

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    Hello NT22 and welcome to the group.

    Could you please take a moment and tell us a little bit about yourself such as your hobbies and interests.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Well, atm i have no particular hobbies but i'm a part-time jogger and home-bodybuilder if you could say so.. I'm very interested of technology and history, especially WW2-theme has been close to my heart. Recently i joined group in Finland called Reserviläisliitto, which means group of men and women who have been in the army and after service are keeping those skills up to date. It basically means volunteer-action: marches, shooting etc. So, it's kind of funny that i'm very manly but still keeping this kind of secret But still, gotta' have the little-side in you too, don't you all agree? Even if wearing diapers and sucking paci is sexual to me, it is also a way to relax

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    looks to me like you will fit in very well around here. We have all sorts from college students to senior managers, from tradesmen to artists and all points in between. Some of us struggle to integrate this part of our life with the world outside our front door. It appears to me that you have got life quite well balanced.

    I look forward to seeing your contribution in the forums. It is also worth having a look at specialist groups as I am sure you will find some like minded people there

    Welcome to the site!


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    Thank you very much! Always nice to talk to like-minded people and share experiences etc.. I'm looking forward to share some advice to people who struggle between telling or not to tell to somebody you love.

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