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    Hi there,

    As I've recently posted on here, I'm getting used to buying AB accessories for myself & my bf & I've been seeing on here and around the usual websites (abuniverse, aww so cute, etc.) and I have seen the Nuk 5 products and have been wondering if anyone can give me some info on these pacifiers? They sound like they're popular & I'd just like to hear people's opinions mostly curiosity ^^


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    Howdy, might say I am a pacifier nut! I like to buy mine from a place called I like the larger guards that cover my whole mouth like the API guard. You can select your nipple size in either latex or silicone. I have both. The latex is softer in the mouth over silicone but can have a weird smell but no taste. If you are starting out and do not have an allergy go with the latex. I like the size 7 latex or the size 5 silicone. I find that either will stay in my mouth all night. A super cool feeling to wake up with it still in your mouth! Feel free to ask any other questions.

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    Thanks, I'll check out the site as soon as I can

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    Something else to note about the difference between silicone and latex is that the silicone will last long and stay cleaner than the latex. My little girl has to have hers all night and often during the day, and we have found that it is much easier to have the silicone NUK5 because it doesn't get as nasty smelling or tasting as a latex one does.

    Regardless which you choose, make sure to keep it clean. Brush it with a little toothpaste and soak it in warm water with a splash of peroxide, or boil it, frequently. Nothing is worse than a nasty pacifier.

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    I want to try the size 7 latex at some point. How much bigger is it than a 5?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joey741 View Post
    I want to try the size 7 latex at some point. How much bigger is it than a 5?
    When you move from the 5 to a 7 you will see quite a difference. But something to keep in mind is that that guard has a huge influence on the finished length of the nipple. Some guards pull a larger part of the nipple up in to the opening making the length seem shorter. I prefer the 7 latex in an API guard from pacifiers r us. It is the the perfect length to stay in my mouth all night long. If you decide to look at silicone, the silicone size 5 is similar to the latex 7 when used in the API guard. I have a total of like 20 pacifiers over the years to find the one that fits me perfectly. I have 3 Latex 7 and 3 silicone 5 that I swap between.

    - - - Updated - - -

    On pacifiers or anything that goes in baby's mouth, I have found that using some soaps or chemicals will make it taste funny. Something new on the market is Pamolive Baby Dish Soap (free and clear). It leaves no aftertaste and cleans really well! Give it try.

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