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Thread: Making an RPG with RPG maker recruiting a team!

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    Default Making an RPG with RPG maker recruiting a team!

    I NEED:

    Pixel Artists / Possible Animators. (Can be anything from cut scenes made with flash or character sprite pixel art / game world textures)

    Voice Actors. Male, Female. All kinds. This project will have 100% voice applied to every character.

    Scripters / programmers are great too if any are out there.

    Ideas as well...

    Possible musical help.

    The extreme basic concept of the game will involve TIME travel and either have a tactical battle system (if I have a smart scripter) or a typical battle system but you have to get hit by an enemy to start combat. It will be a lot like Chrono Trigger but with a different story.

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    sounds interesting. I can do some scripting and some really shitty pixel art

    I don't have a copy of rpg maker though

    oh hey I just looked it up and it looks like RPG maker runs on ruby. Sweet! I mean I'm still kind of crap with it but it is something I'm passingly familiar with.
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    I have both RPG Maker XV Ace and RPG Maker XP, I'm not exactly the most skilled user but I am learning the Ruby coding. I can however try my hand at voice acting haha.

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    Of from the opening it's going to move on to the classroom where the teacher is giving a history lesson. and of course the hero is daydreaming.

    This teacher explains important history... very important... because the hero shortly will be traveling back in time.

    And that leaves 3 empty classroom seats....


    I need a voice for the teacher.

    I think one of the school kids / friends should be female. (need a voice for that too.)

    Ideas for names, types of characters / demeanors etc. story concepts.

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    I could do the voice for the teacher, my dad says I can do a really good Ben Stein impersonation...

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    Some idea updates, using rpg maker VX at the moment. I don't really like the look of rpg maker XP at all. I think the scene will start with a day dream first. the main character day dreaming during school and have like a total classic rip off of a dramatic fantasy sequence that will be interrupted by the teacher.

    Are you serious about the teacher voice deft? lol

    Snow / Soupy I can show you a full rpg maker that uses a strategy battle system that is scripted. Technically it should be possible to port it to the VX rpg maker and stuff but I just don't know too much about it. I really would prefer to use a strategy type battle system though instead of the traditional straight up fight system. (although I am happy to use it in the meantime.)

    I can help with a copy of the programs.

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    I don't have my good recording mic with me as I'm now a truck driver, but I will be home in 2 weeks so I can do stuff then. I also would be willing to help you with the music if you need any, as I have FL studio on my laptop and am pretty good at coming up with instrumentals...

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    BabyMitchy please let me do some lines for you!

    I have some nice voices that sound nothing like my own that you might be interested in.

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    Maybe a bird game. You start out as a hatchling and learn how to fly.

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    I've been really thinking about concepts and I think the best way to make this game work would be to actually make fun of RPG's... Make it a parody with ALL the RPG cliche's and make fun of it all. But all the while have an underlying storyline.

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