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Thread: 28 year old female caregiver

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    Default 28 year old female caregiver

    Hi, everyone! I am Anna, I live in the Greater Portland, OR area and am looking for ABDL friends. I am 28 and had worked as a nurse before moving down here recently to work towards getting some more education under my belt ( and maybe a job!) and with that said I have a huge hole in my life since I am not currently work and taking care of people. I really didn't expect to miss it as much as I do!

    [Removed] I feel that at the moment I have transitioned from my once little role into a more mommy/caregiver role. Though really not into the whole sex/punishment scene.

    I have always had a piece of me that wanted to love and care for something and while being a little I always had a doll I would change and take care of. I am now in a committed relationship and he would put me in a mental institution if he knew what I do when he is gone on business. So I have had to repress my little quite a bit. I know she will be back but I am curious to see what I would be like in this now role. As a nurse I was never far from taking care of a wide range of people as well as changing diapers of all ages.

    Again I am new to this whole ABDL thing and really just would like to gain information on how best to be a caregiver.

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    Sorry everyone I re-read this and really didn't mean to make it sound like an AD. it is not just not sure how to find people in my area and need advise. Like what sites should I search? Or what makes a good caregiver?
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    Hello there, welcome to the site. I recently joined as well, and saw your offer of friendship/caregiving with great eagerness. Just let me know whatever questions you has & I will be glad to answer them


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    Wish I lived out there sounds like a great opportunity for someone in Portland...

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    Hey there Anna, welcome to ADISC

    It's neat that you're enjoying developing your caregiver side, there are bound to be local ABDLs in Portland who would love to get to know you.

    In terms of finding the local community, try googling for any local ABDL related sites or maybe try Fetlife - from what I've seen it's quite active in terms of people organising ABDL meet ups etc, and there are plenty of people on there who're just looking for friends / community rather than sexual hookups etc. Just obviously be safe if you end up meeting up with anyone!

    Anyway, hope you have a good time here. Always happy to chat and answer any questions if I can be of service.

    ~ Puppyluvs

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    Hello Little Miss Anna 1985 and welcome to the group.

    I am in the PDX area and my wife is a nursing instructor. As soon as you can send PM let me know if you need any help finding our way around the area.

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Welcome here!

    Interesting story - I hope you find what you are looking for

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    Not from your area, but it is nice to meet you and welcome.

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    I am also in the Portland area. Are you just looking for friends or someone to play with?

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    Hello there Anna, welcome to ADISC! I'm glad you're excited to learn about being a caregiver! It's always nice to have more people like you around, what with all these Littles running around needing care!

    My suggestion to you for being the best caregiver you can be is to listen to what your little wants, when you find one. Always and only do what they are comfortable with, of course! If you are planning on meeting up with someone, it would be best to talk in advance. Make a list of what your little wants to do on your playdate, and do your best to accommodate to what they would like. Being a caregiver can be hard with how spoiled some littles and babies are Also try to tap into your maternal instincts! Getting your baby/little into their mindset helps you get into yours! Since you are not into the sexual side of it, things can become intimate in their own way. A nice thing is that many littles are not into the sexual side (myself included, so I speak from experience!) so it won't be too difficult to find a little who feels the same way as you.

    I live in Seattle, and I know that around here there is at least one ageplay group on Fetlife, so I would also suggest looking there! I plan on making an account for my AB side on there soon, myself. On my main account, people seem to be very friendly even if you aren't looking for a hookup. My best friend has made a lot of just-friends through there and hangs out with them. So, just be careful who you meet and join groups! Joining groups will help you make friends faster.

    Anyway, if you have any questions on ADISC, would like some more advice, or need help with Fetlife, feel absolutely free to message me! I promise I don't bite, much Hope you have lots of fun hanging out here!

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