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Thread: Members here

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    Smile Members here

    There are plenty of anime lovers, brony's, CarRiders, etc on this website and I always wanted to know which group has the most members supporting. You see this all over and wonder yourself will they attempt to take over one day?

    To match 100% My theory,

    Bronies/Pony Lovers (41%)
    Anime Lovers (39%)
    Regular Members (5%)
    Cartoon Guys (10%)
    Pokemon Lovers (8%)
    Moo (1%) -He own's it I just had 2 ^^

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    I don't go for fandom, I'm a five percenter.. Haha.

    I like most of that stuff, or with pokemon and ponies I can at least see how you like it but I'm just way too eclectic to pin down...I'm a victim of 90s postmodernism gone wrong!

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    Brony for me. I guess you could say Cartoon Guy as well since I do like cartoons in general.

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    Don't forget the furries. Do just ABs and DLs count?

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    Bronies/Anime Lovers seem to take up most of the internet any way, right? Just considering...

    I might be in with the Bronies. Just a pinch into mlp:fim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Don't forget the furries. Do just ABs and DLs count?
    Don't know, maybe we are being marginalized or outright ostracized - even. That would be a turn of events, for sure.Forrys, yeah you are right to hell with them, no Wucking Forrys.

    PS: That ought to do it, I didn't transpose them, my hands are clean.

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    Bronies are the ones I envision taking over, there's a lot of bronies.

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    while I'm a pony fan, I can't consider myself as part of any group. I like way too many things.

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    Pokémon all the freakin way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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