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Thread: New To Aquiring AB/DL Accessories.

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    Default New To Aquiring AB/DL Accessories.

    Hey there guys, a quick question & forgive me if this has been asked before.

    Basically, I wish to know what brands or types of various ABDL accessories I should purchase or ones that you would recommend based on personal experience. I really have no preferences, though I would rather not go for a product just based on it being the most pricy/fancy ect.

    Thanks guys.


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    I've been a bit obsessed with dependeco adult cloth diapers lately. Lots of fun prints and they are a fair price, and you always have a diaper available since it is cloth, takes a bit to maintain though.

    Main things would be getting a stuffed animal, bigger baby bottles from the store are good, you can also try the pacifiers from the store although many AB's like the nuk 5 which can be a bit of money too.

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    plushies, sippy cups and a nuk 5. you can easily spend less then 75 dollars for all of those. plushies might be the most pricey of the 3, unless you want to buy a modded nuk 5.

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    Honestly, you can't go too wrong with this stuff. As adults, we're gentler than babies, and I've found even budget priced items to last an acceptable time. I would splurge on a bottle with a design that you absolutely love, though. Even if you have to purchase it online. The same with a stuffed animal or any accessory that will be "special" to you - loveys, security blanket, etc.

    As for diapers, there are TONS of reviews on this site that compare different brands. Abenas are a fav of mine. You are sure to find one that fits your needs.

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    As far as the Pacifier goes. you can get a Nuk 5 for under $25 at They have so many styles and designs.

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    Thanks guys for all the responses. You've given me lots to review over

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    Id say that the deciding factor will be your budget, what type of items you want and how you wish to use them...

    The gamut runs from dollar store and into the tens of thousands...

    If you like collecting different diapers, the dollar stores quite often have more rare example

    If you want a fully custom built nurshery....that's a whole new game...

    I myself am ic, so diapers are a must! That being said...

    My latest additions have been big items...a metal crib...and some reigns...

    I've been doing this for a long plushies, diapers, nuk's, bottles, rattles, utensils, onesies, footie pajamas, baby care products, etc are all already taken care of already...although I need more footies...can't have enough!

    So, what type of products are you looking into, I'm sure you'll get recommendations...

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