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    Hey all,

    Just stumbling about here, trying to get more into the 'community' to meet people. I guess you could consider me a DL, but it's more of a fetish/fantasy thing.. I'll be honest I'm still in that weird unsure/secretive/ don't-really-want-to-be-found-out phase. Plus, it doesn't help that I find it a bit more....well.. carnal.. than anything else, so I apologize in advance as I come across as 'that weird creepy guy' I'm really not, just hesitant.

    I am a 20 year old college student into Live Sound Design and Engineering and just looking to meet some folks.

    P.S.. I'm a bit of a complete fool trying to understand the IRC chatroom, any Mac users want to help a brother out?

    Sorry for the double-post, I'm usually not one to break rules, but I guess it would help to open up a bit more than what I've stated above:

    I'm really into movies, I love all kinds, and love to waste away time watching, but sadly with the current economy/college/tuition/work and such I virtually have no time to waste.

    I'm a big guy, I love food, I love all kinds of food, I'm always open to new and exciting food, I'm too lazy/can't cook worth a damn but I will try anything once.

    I do enjoy video games, I'm really lame at them. I'm still in the stone age with my XBOX and my entire library of Halo 2, KOTOR, and Midnight Club 3 DUB: Remix. My PS2 stays at home 4 hours away because my sister gets bored and I won't shell out the $60 for a used system to have at school.

    I'm currently trying to learn/teach myself how to play bass. With not much free time this is proving quite difficult. I have a 1983 Squier P-Bass and a brand new Fender Mustang Bass with an Ampeg BA-115 amplifier.

    You may begin judging me now.
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    You sound like a better okay person, anyway welcome to the site . As IRC problem, I can't help you there because I have a windows, but there are Mac users here that probably well help you on that.

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    Welcome to the site

    That secretive, not wanting to be found out phase seems like a pretty sensible spot to me. No reason to go to extremes, but I think this is no one's business but my own and anyone I might be intimate with (freaks like myself on the Internet excepted ). You'll see there's a wide range of reasons why people do this. Most anyone who can behave in a civilized manner is going to be welcome. I look forward to seeing your posts as you get more acclimated to the place.

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    Hello there, welcome to ADISC! I'm a food lover and watch lots of movies too =). And about your bass, don't worry, practice will pay off sooner or later, just be patient and practice as much as possible and well, bass is a really interesting and cool instrument IMO =). See you around the site.

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    You may find this useful for IRC - IRC chat - ADISC Answers Wiki. I can't help you personally, having never used a Mac, but it looked helpful, at least for trying to find a client.

    Pleased to meet you. Really interesting intro. I think you'll find yourself talking more about your other interests then the fetish side of things on this site. If you want to post, don't worry about it. There aren't (m)any people who are really cruel on here and I think the few that come across like that mean it a little bit as jest. Just don't be an arsehole and you should get on really well here. I really hope you enjoy it!

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