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Thread: Bambino Bianco back in Stock

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    Default Bambino Bianco back in Stock

    I just received a couple of cases of Bambino Biancos today. I think someone was concerned about the delay and possibly a change in the way it was is made. I could see no visible difference, and I am very glad they are available again!

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    I got my samples today, a medium and a large size.

    I'm about a 30" waist, so technically the mediums are supposed to fit me--and they do. However, I really like to feel like I'm practically swimming in my diapers as far as size goes (longer and wider diaper, so that it rides above the waist and provides lots of coverage) I almost like the larges more, except for the fact that the tapes are higher up; they're placed in the same spots as the medium. I would need to put in my own tape to ensure the legs are tight. :\

    So, for practicality's sake I'll probably stick with mediums. I'm very happy with the fit of my own cloth diapers at home, so I'll stock mediums when I feel like taking them out with me.

    All opinionated stuff aside, the quality of the diaper samples is good. No defects or misprints to my knowledge.

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