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    Waiting with bated breath for my fiancee to text me with the results of her job interview today. She got fired yesterday (unfairly and with much malice) and getting this job would just make her soooooo happy.

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    Hope you hear some good news soon...that will give you something to celebrate.

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    She says it went well. We will know if she got it in the next few days.

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    Better keep the champagne on ice then huh. Must be something else to celebrate while you wait.

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    I hope she gets the job too. Our daughter got a job promotion, so good news is always nice to receive. Bad news ranges from worrisome to devastating.

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    I've recently changed jobs and can sympathise with how nerve-wracking it can be waiting for a potential employer to call you back. I've found that it helps to step back a little and consider the possible outcomes. In other words, the worst that can happen is that you don't get that particular job. The best that can happen is that you do.

    If it turns out that you didn't get the job then it's not the end of the world, although I know it can feel like it. The best thing to do is to continue searching. If nothing else the application process for the job will have a been a good chance for you to practice your interview technique and to see what sort of questions you may get asked.

    Good luck!

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