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Thread: Best Hiding Spots

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    Default Best Hiding Spots

    What has been the weirdest or the most creative hiding spots (for anything really not just diapers and stuff) that you've ever heard of, seen, or used yourself.

    The best ones i've heard of is inside the back of an old TV or in a computer (the big half of a home computer) and the ones i've used before is inside a boxspring and inside a "least favorite" plushie.

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    For me and everyone else there are so many but for me personally I like to hide them into my bookbag and pretend I got studies in there for my preparations to college soon. There are some people that have others and yet either get caught or get away with it.

    The best hiding spot I have heard of before is the old attic in some non-lookable junk.
    The Weirdest hiding spot I have heard of before is underneath the bed inside that plastic covering.
    The Worst hiding spot I have heard of before is obviously out in the open or in drawers.

    It all varies but my opinion don't count ^^

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    Back when I lived at my parents I had a drop ceiling I had about a foot clearance between the tops of the ceiling tiles and the actual ceiling, this was great because I had about a 12x8 space up there . In itself it was also the worst hiding place, I accidentally had the Ottoman that I stood on top to reach up there accidentally left on it's side. Next thing I know my diapers, and paci is gone.

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    pamperedyellowone I like your pic lol

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    When I was a kid living with my mom and dad, I had the entire attic of their house for my bedroom and a sitting room that had a t.v. I would hide my stash in the eaves of the roof under the insulation. When I had my psychotic break, my mom searched my room and found all my stuff. I still wonder how she knew?

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    Best and Most Creative: On my old computer desk, which had 2 layers, I had a bath towel draping over the bottom "shelf". I put my diapers there... They never suspected a thing. c:
    Worst: In my dresser.

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    I suck at hiding things. I really can't think of anything I've ever hidden successfully.

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    Best place in my house is underneath my bed but that is because i have the bed that has drawers underneath it so i took out the drawers and stuffed it behind there. I have stopped carying though and now put them in the worst place, top dresser.

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    Default Best Hiding Spots

    I had a old tin can that never moved off my bookshelf I always put whatever I want to hid in there whatever it was
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    Diaper were a common thing for me growing hiding them was never an issue but bottles and everything else this was incredibly clever on my part.
    If you live with someone long enough you learn all there habits. same-thing applies to parents. i pretty much memorized my parents habits downed to science I new wear they would go. so i hid it in the one place they would never look in the attic behind all of my grandmothers old clothes in a box.

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