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    I am currently in a online Caregiver relationship. And I am worried it won't work out. Like she is the best and she deserves to be happy. But I don't know if I could do it. I don't want to hurt her. I don't want to be reckless. Its all new to me and I really need advice. I feel like a garbled mess of emotions. It's like I wished and prayed for something like this. And lo and behold I get what I ask. How can I build trust with someone. Its like I am split between my instincts and logic

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    So she is the caregiver?

    What is it that makes you feel like it won't work out? I think it is important that if you know that you truly do want it to work out, you give it time to try and work out. I know the feeling of being nervous and backing out, and personally I do it a lot, namely because a relationship is a lot of commitment, but heck, if you have found your dream girl, you should give it a go, unless deep down, you really don't think you want it to go anywhere in the ultimate end.

    If you do really want to build something though, it isn't wrong to give it time, even if you have concerns about yourself. Just make sure that any concerns about yourself that still remain later into the relationship are addressed to her so she doesn't find out when it is on her own and becomes too late.

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    Yeah we talked. And we said lets be friends. I am glad. Something told me to take it slow.

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