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Thread: DIY Tape Zone Question

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    Question DIY Tape Zone Question

    I searched the forums blah blah blah. Anywho, quick question. How do you do a DIY tape zone, and would improve the quality of Drycare diapers?

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    ..I have clear tape and a fresh case ready!

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    I have found that clear packing tape is a bit narrow and I don't really like doubling it up, so I sometimes use clear contact... you know the kind of stuff that you cover your schoolbooks with. That way you can make it the width you like. I probably go about 3-4in and that suits me. It doesn't allow for the lower landing zone but that's not usually a problem for me. I'm not a huge fan of the really wide tape zones. Also, I like using this cause I can print out some really cute panels and put them under the clear for that extra babyish look. It's fun making cute panels too.

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    I used the 2" wide clear packaging tape and it works great. You can always add a secound row if you like.

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    All good info. I hadn't thought of making my own designs. Last time a tape tore on some cheap ones I was wearing, I replaced it with white wide mailing tape with red chili peppers printed on it!! XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozbub View Post
    you know the kind of stuff that you cover your schoolbooks with.
    OMG, I totally forgot about having to do that when I was a kid!

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    I love this idea. With all the colors of duct tape and contact paper along with design your own under clear, we could make a thousand different designs. Combine that with the Tranquility plastic and I could make them all day and never run out of options.

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