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Thread: Your thoughts on gun control.

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    Default Your thoughts on gun control.

    I was reading an article on the recent student massacre the other day. It occured to me that from what has been said by the authorities they honestly believe that they have done "all they could" to make people safe and prevent these things from happening.

    This got me thinking... why not arm the general populace? It has been said that "a well armed society is a polite society" and I honestly think that crime as a whole would be reduced if everyone carried a gun.

    A mugger or petty crook would be a whole lot less likely to attack someone or break into a house or store if they knew that odds were highly in the favor of their intended victim being armed. A hostage taker would have a lot more to consider if 10 out of the 20 people on that bus were packing heat.

    So what about all these raving lunatics going on shooting sprees? I don't think that arming the public would dis-suade them from doing their deed... but they wouldn't get nearly as many shots off b/c as soon as they started firing they would be felled by someone defending their life. It honestly scares me to my core to think that my gf is out sitting in class right now... and if a gunman were to walk in... there isn't a thing anyone could do to stop him.

    I have no doubt that people would die b/c of this. But remember... the criminals are always always going to be able to get the guns. It's the common man who often cannot... and the government has already admitted that it cannot protect you.

    Opinions? Thoughts? Agree... Disagree... why?

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    You can guess my opinion on the issue.

    The idea of creating a level playing field by giving everyone guns and more guns just doesn't work. The only situation where it did actually work was the Cold War, simply because both sides knew exactly that no one would have more than 5 minutes to live if they ever pushed the red button. However, that idea cannot be implemented on an invididual level.
    First, most people have no clue how to use a gun. You'd have to train them in gun use and proper storage of firearms to prevent them from shooting themselves, rather than the person threatening them. I don't have any statistics handy, but I've heard more than once that more Americans die from weapon-related accidents than from the use of weapons for their intended purpose.
    Two: If robbers or burglars knew the other person is armed, they'd become pretty darn trigger happy themselves. They'd just shoot at anything that moves, or not even bother to threaten someone but just pull the trigger anyway.
    Three: People who steal, rob or otherwise threaten people for money don't do it for fun. You cannot cure the problem by trying to eliminate the symptoms. People steal and rob because they don't have enough money to live on. At least the vast majority. So instead of wasting money on guns, gated communities or private security forces, think about how you can help poor people to have a decent live. Not only is that beneficial from a moral perspective, you're actually increasing the probability of not being robbed or killed because there's no one who desparately needs that money of yours.


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    Utopic scenario :
    Get rid of guns. No armies, no war, no violence, no countries.

    Realist scenatio :
    No civilian should be allowed to carry a gun. Policemen should be able to carry sub machine guns and other assorted arsenal. That way, a new breed of policeman can live up to the standards of beating/overpowering/arresting the new breed of suicidal criminal that exists in our time.

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    I feel that firearms are for the Defence sector (the military). And for epople who live in areas or work near animals that could pose a risk to their lives, live stock or crops. Basically shooting pests, but only as a last resort.

    But I agree with peachy.

    Guns causes problems, not fixing them. If people were worried about personal secuity I vote for the tazers. Because it doesn't kill people, or at least no way near as lethal as a firearm. Again, people could be zapping people just for the wrong reasons. But at least the death rate of victims hopefully will drop.

    There is the possibility of learning some marital art or something. By they time you learnt some lethal skills. You would be taught it so long that you learn to respect the power of you skills. So hopefully again, would reduce the whole "using it for the wrong reasons".

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    I agree with Peachy.

    If everyone had guns, then criminals would probably arm themselves with something new or better than guns. Then you'd have to arm everyone with that. Then the criminals would find something even better... and so on.

    And people are stupid, if guns were legal here teenagers would just shoot at people for a laugh. I can't think of any way of making guns available to the general population that wouldn't result in more people getting shot...

    I wish pepper spray was legal, or tazers. I agree with UnMarth, it's better to have self defence weapons that don't kill people. (I'm aware that a few people have been killed by pepper spray, but you get my point).

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    You live in the United States, Right Darkfinn? We have a little something called the second amendment. I don't know about North Carolina, But here in Wisconsin you're allowed to carry a Gun around if you have a license. And in Texas you can use leathal force to stop a robber.
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    Yeah Col. I know all about it LOL...

    It's one of the few rights that most Americans don't take advantage of.

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    Here's a Bob the Angry Flower comic on the issue:

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    Constitutional right in the USA...have guns for protection...too many parents dont keep their guns in a 11 year old made a tutorial on Youtube on HOW to break a gun safe!

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    Absolutely, horrible idea.. yes, it would give a level playing field, but can you say Anarchy?

    If everone were to carry a gun, what would stop people from shooting you because you took too long to pull away from a green light? Or what if the guy at the taco place got an order wrong? What would stop the orderer from shooting the cashier, and possibly everyone else?

    Anybody can have a gun, but you must complete A CHL course first. My dad carries a gun, and my mom carries one due to the *bad* neighborhood she currently works in. If everyone were to carry a gun without that course, then the Police force would not only be outnumbered as far as guns go, but there would be more "stop and pops" done to them for pulling people over.

    So, to put this short: Everyone carrying guns= Police having less authority, and a major spike in the amount of shooting related deaths. The world is too immature, and angry to be allowed to carry guns anywhere. Some people SHOULD NOT have a gun at all- whether it be the fact they don't know how to use them responsibly, or just mental instability. Everyone carrying a gun would not a good thing, and anyone that says otherwise, really needs to think about all the problems we already have with shooting related death.
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