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Thread: Tena Slip Ultima - Worth the extra money?

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    Default Tena Slip Ultima - Worth the extra money?

    Hey, I'm going to be restocking my supply soon and i was looking at getting some tena ultimas, the tena maxi is my usual go-to nappy for most occasions but i would like something a little more absorbent for nighttime use.
    so i was wondering how these compared to the maxi from an absorbancy, bulk, comfort POV. any opinions would be very helpful, thanx

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    Hello there. I have had a few packs. They are good, comfortable, and absorbant. I could never work out if they actually held more in real world conditions than the Maxi. If the Maxi product in your market is still plastic backed I would stick with them. I found the cloth-like material of the Ultima would sag once wet, and therefore leak sooner, due to the less snug fit. Do you have a supplier that can send you some Ultima samples?

    Either way, both are very safe products.

    Have fun!

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    I felt the Ultima didn't hold that much more than the Maxi when I tried them, and I hated the cloth backing which rubbed off on my jeans and smelt. They cost a lot more than the maxi at the time too.

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    Haven´t tried them myself, but it seems the differences are rather marginal.
    You could try getting a sample or two and see for yourself, but from what I´ve heard, they´re not exactly an immense upgrade. And quite expensive.
    Personally, I´d stick with the Maxis :3

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    I really didn't like them much...

    - Too bulky
    - swells up like crazy once wet
    - there still is that stupid "landing strip" that crinkles like a train wreck about to happen (one of the reasons why I switched to a different nappy).
    - Too much capacity... to me this is simply overkill and a waste of money thus.

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    My diaper supplier started selling the Tena Slip Ultima at the same time as the Tena Slip Maxi went cloth backed. My personal opinion is that the plastic-backed Tena Slip Maxi is the best, followed by the (cloth-backed) Tena Slip Ultima with the cloth-backed Tena Slip Maxi being the worst.

    I can say that the Tena Slip Ultima works well as an overnight diaper for me. The backing material seems 'softer' than the cloth-backed Tena Slip Maxi and they're very absorbent without being too bulky. The Tena Slip Ultima also has a plastic landing zone, which means the tapes don't stretch and come loose overnight.

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    Cheers for the replies guys, will defo take ur advice and order a couple of samples before committing to a whole case

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