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Thread: Diapers in the mail!!!!

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    Default Diapers in the mail!!!!

    Can't wait!!! Today I receive my packs of Abena diapers!!! 1 pack breathable M4 and 1 pack plastic back m4. This is making me jump for joy, all I have at home is tena and depends. Can't wait can u tell I'm a happy DL haha

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    Yes i understand how you fell. It is always fun whit diaper delivery.

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    it's sure nice to come home and see a big brown package waiting by your door, "oh, I know what THAT is! A whole big box of DIAPERS! GOOD diapers! Yay!"

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    Ah, yes.
    Knowing there´s some extra padding on the way is indeed a great feeling. Enjoy it ^^

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    Ran out of Comficare after SIDF. New case on the way. Oh, the anticipation!!!

    Yet to try the Abena M4, must get round to it. Can anyone tell me how it compares to the Comficare?


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    Quote Originally Posted by SissyDLE View Post
    Yet to try the Abena M4, must get round to it. Can anyone tell me how it compares to the Comficare?
    Xplus vs ConfiDry
    - xplus has racing stripes, CD are plain white
    - xplus padding is soft to the touch, CD padding is quite a bit stiffer (when dry)
    - CD leak guards are taller and the elastic tends to stay in them
    - CD size a little smaller than Xplus

    I would say capacity is very similar. I was expecting the CD to be very high sap due to the stiffness, but it seems that it's more a case of the padding being compressed during manufacture. So the CD are slightly thinner when dry. They also don't seem to "fluff up" as much when removed from the bag.

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    Got them in the mail !!! So happy!!! But got there just as I was leaving for work. Had no time to wear any. Ahhhhh well at least there now in my possession

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