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Thread: hate when that happens

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    Default hate when that happens

    Just got my diaper changed and now I have to pee like 2 mins after the change.. ever happen to you?

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    Yeah it has.. I just go with the flow and use it. What kind of Diapers do you use?

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    I like having a soggy butt better than dry (most the time)

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    My last fabine that's why im upset. I should have just puton an ATN

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    Happens to me all the time. Sometimes I squirt like a baby after I let down the front of my wet one.

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    I did that tonight. We hot home from dinner and my SO put diaper on and 2minutes later I flooded it from the beer. XD

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    This is when wearing cloth is a good deal. It frees me. I'm free I tell you! Free,....FRee....FREEEEEE......! (Okay, free to big deal I suppose....sigh.)

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    My mommy just changed me in to an ATN for the night.. What a bummer, no more fabines... great diaper!

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