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Thread: Has anyone had an experience having a real baby in the home?

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    Default Has anyone had an experience having a real baby in the home?

    Some of you may have seen my original posting about my fears concerning my ability to bear children.

    At this point I'm toying around the idea of discontinuing my birth control... It is so emotionally painful to use a product that condemns me to not knowing how broken my own body is.

    I find myself worrying immensely about what happens not only if I can not conceive, but also, if I CAN.

    In theory, with my specific birth control after I discontinue it I am nearly immediately able to get pregnant.

    Concerns about finances, long-term implications, my own health flood me. But I am also oddly concerned that being a mother could squelch my own diaper-related interests, or that it would just feel awkward.

    I would love any words of wisdom, or thoughts, from anyone regarding anything related ... Just so... lost.

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    Interestingly enough, when our son was a baby I did my first "experiment" as I was curious how it felt. Felt good! I think that the only way it will crush your urge is if you let it. Being an AB I think if anything it will make you more of an AB as you can be babies together and you will see how a real baby behaves, if you haven't already. Now, as your child/ren get older, then it will be hard to hide your diapers as children are curious what's in their parents' bedroom (a few threads on this exist already). But with enough cleverness you should be able to hide your other side and all the items that go along with it.

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    When my wife and I first married, we knew we couldn't afford to have children. Our older church friends (they were parents of junior high and high school aged children) gave us some good advise. You never can afford to have children, so have them anyway. It will all work out, and it did.

    My wife, because she's type A diabetic, was told by her doctor that she shouldn't have children, yet we had two. We also adopted my wife's nephew, so we raised three kids. They have been the greatest blessing to our lives. I suppose the pregnancies did impact on my wife's health as she is on her dialysis machine as I write this. But life is short anyway, and you have to decide what is most important to you. For us, having a family has been number one. We will never regret that decision.

    When the children were young, I had a lessened desire to wear, but after they were older and going to school, it returned with a vengeance. I managed to wear on my day off during those many years. One finds ways to work around the kids and sometimes you do have to make sacrifices. In fact, having children is all about making sacrifices, so that should be part of your decision making.

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    I love having my son around. He is currently 5 months old and just beginning to be so much fun. My wife knows about my AB/DL side but doesn't care to participate. nor do I care much because diapers to me are not sexual. I just feel relaxed when I'm in my little mode. I dont wear them around the house ever, only to bed. however, I find that my wife will gladly jump in when me and my son are playing. I often baby talk back and forth with him and play with his toys. Its a blast and makes me feel happy. I often steal his binky which he will steal back. and I sometimes will sneak a bite of his baby food. but only the fruit kind because the veggies and pasta/meat dinners are yucky. I love having a baby in our home and I love him so much.

    One thing I think about is how it will effect me when he grows up. but as for now, I'm in heaven!

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    I was not actively partaking in the fetish at the time when I had two little ones in diapers. It is just a part of being a parent. Plus the fun of watching them grow and develop is an experience that is worth living through.

    It is part of the "big" world, and I did not feel any desires about the fetish at all when it came to them, us, we.

    To me if there is an issue with dealing with an infants needs and your own interests then tis should be a big flag that therapy would be advisable.

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    I should clarify I have no doubts that I would ever put my desires first. Which is to say I would always put my child or any child before me.
    I'm more just wondering if I will have the desire at all, which I know would vary from person to person. I feel strongly that it is an adult lifestyle that I would keep seperate

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