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Thread: Diapers from Goodwill / Resale shops

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    Default Diapers from Goodwill / Resale shops

    I frequent Goodwill and other resale shops for the bargains and for fun. I've never been lucky enough to find diapers there that fit me, though. Lots of ATNs but they've all been Extra Small. Anyone ever have a good find (diaper or not) at Goodwill? I'm hoping I'll walk in one day and find a Canon L-series lens for $50. XD

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    I dunno what size they were but i went into a resale shop and saw a whole pack of depends for less than $2 once :P

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    I have NEVER found any diapers at Goodwill, but there is a thrift shop near where I work, run by a Catholic charity of some kind, that always seems to have something. I've gotten some great deals on everything from Tena Male Guards to Medline diapers. I've never found anything really high-end, but they've all been useful . . . and cheap. Gotta love it.


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    I once found some diapers there, but they were some kind of cheapy medical brand that I didn't recognize. They weren't too satisfying, and they did not hold much or feel comfortable; they became stuffers.

    I've always been more satisfied with just buying online. In addition to getting what I really want, I don't have to deal with the embarrassment of checking out at the register with some diapers.

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    oh, I just remembered that I once went into a goodwill store and they had 3 carts infront of the door filled with boxes of diapers they were around 10-20$ I think. dunno what type or size

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    I like to go to thrift stores (incl. Goodwill and Value Village) regularly -- especially when I travel. I'm in the western US where the population is more sparse and there are few medical supply specialty shops.

    I routinely find diapers when I go to browse but the most common ones are cheap store-brand pullups. They are never consistently a certain size...they really span the gamut. But crappy pullups are the most common. Second most common are clear bagged hospital/nursing home diapers. Very often, whatever product they do have is opened and partially used (which tends to have a little bit of an 'ick' factor for me having some knowledge of hospital/nursing home environments).

    Anyways, the best I've ever found is a bag of ATN slimlines at a Value Village. Found a few bags of prevail cloth backed in my size once that I bought and the later regretted. I posted recently here that I found some "Entrust" brand ones that are old from the 1990's (from Goodwill). Those were interesting and cheap ($2/bag or so) and I ended up selling a couple on the secondary market for a little profit. I've found Tena Supers (american) which are ok. Mediocre but a pretty big step up from hospital brands.

    Just keep looking and going. It's a crap shoot. You might visit the same place once a week for a month and not find anything. And then every week for the next month will have a great selection. I like the thrill of the hunt and finding new and unique diapers for cheap. I'm still waiting to come across a purge cycle for some ABDL -- to find AB universe diapers or Bambino or something That'd be cool.

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    I found some abena L4's recently, for ~ $5.00 per bag. 4 bags of 12...

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    I've found some Molicares there. If I see diapers in my size I usually buy them. Even if they're not as good I will double diaper them

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    The thrift store near my house routinely has either Molicares or Dry 24/7's. It's a great surprise to go in there and see them! And they are usually around $7 a pack, it's a great deal!

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    Once at a Goodwill, I found a huge bin of Underjams samples. I was surrounded by my family at all times, though. And we were visiting family in another state, so I couldn't go back when I was alone.

    Somewhere I often look for cheap diapers is a place called "Hudson's Dirt Cheap". It's basically a store that buys leftover things from major supermarkets (Walmart, Target, etc.) and sells them at drastically lower prices. They always have plently of adult diapers, but every now and then there will be a huge wave of Goodnites that floods the shelves.

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