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Thread: diapers from Korea

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    Default diapers from Korea

    hey just found these diapers on ebay from korea
    10pcs Adult Diaper Medium Made IN Korea Free Shipping Unisex 31 35 Inches | eBay

    has any one bought them

    im thinking about buying them but i dont know much about customs

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    They are thin and not absorbant at all. Pretty much they are just generic plastic diapers with a unique print/pattern on them. The one thing that is really cool about them is that the medium actually says large but is the same waist/hip dimensions as every medium on the market.

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    They look very similar to an asian brand I once tried... they were not very good... I wouldn't waste my money, as there are much better diapers you can get for the same price... abena or tena for example...

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    thanks guys i was just wondering what you all thought and after reading your comments. i wont buy them

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